what is fear. do you feel it . do you see it. do you hear it.

what is fear. do you feel it . do you see it. do you hear it.

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unexpected fear

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Yeah. kaboom is right. fear is reality! the future is frightening, down right horrifying. I agree, you want fear, watch CNN....

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FOR me it`s not being able to stop something from happening to your family and not being able to do anything about it.One time i was getting jumped by about 11 people and that sucked by it`s self, but what was worring me the most was what were they doing to my sister? Which thank the lord was nothing. they did`nt touch her. But i got beat so bad i could`nt go to work for a week .It`s funny what you worry about when your in a situtaion you can`t control.seeyaCool

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Yes , I believe Fear can completely fill your senses and be overwhelming to the point of developing into phobia. But I believe it can manifest itself physically. I believe in extreme situations it can become a translucent tangible, almost  an entity.

Like when you' re new to a situation or location and something is just 'off' about it. There isnt anything that you see wrong.Nothing to warrant the alarm in you, but the atmosphere just 'telepathically' lets you know somethings wrong, investigate and find out what that something is; your life my depend on it. It doesnt happen often but it does happen to people. You do hear about it, at work, on tv, in real life

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I honestly believe that fear is nothing more than a feeling you produce yourself.

Now, fear is a very strong emotion that can allude your mind, possibly your sense. Take any person afraid of spiders. When they see a spider, they are afraid. It isn't so much the spider but the feeling you produce when seeing a spider.

Can you taste the actual feeling, can you see it? Hear it? No. Because it is that, a feeling. I don't believe it can manifest into anything other than a feeling. However, like I mention as a powerful emotion it can trick you. Fear it very questionable that way, because we do not think directly that it is our own faults we are feeling fear.

We might even produce anger towards whatever is scarying us because of that fear. But, if you do not fear something, i.e. if you do not have the emotion of afraidness for something, someone, then there is no fear. It will disappear, leaving no trace.

Something physical most likely will leave an odor or a sound. But is it really FEAR that you hear at night? Is it really FEAR that you smell? Is it really FEAR that you taste? No. It is something that is making you produce fear inside yourself.

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It's merely a form of Cause and Effect.

Because I don't like spiders, I am afraid of them.

Because I can't swim, I am afraid to drown.

In between the cause and the action is where the fear forms. When the physical object you fear rests, water, spiders, that gives you the sense of danger and then, we have it. A production of fear.

To think that fear can become something physical that has smell, taste, or sound to it, is thinking that we are able to project our feelings outwards and create a true, living being from it.

And I can only think of one situation where that can happen: sex.

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Now that you have mentioned it

I can't exactly answer the question of hearing fear.

But once I thought about it, in every horror movie, the music and sounds make a very important role in making people feel "fear".

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No doubt playing a high sound of music  when Jason or Michael hops out of the floorboard can have an effect, but when they play the music any sooner its just sad. It takes the edge of your seat moment away.

Fear can be felt, seen, heard, and even tasted in a weird way. Their nothing to fear but fear itself, not in my book.

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I can't really go into Detail but all I can say is that; REAL FEAR is not when you are Afraid of Dying cuz there is a HUGE difference between them!

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I feel Fear is our perception of the world in relation to who we are inside and is based on what we determine to be "real.".

For this Rabbit, fear itself has both stages and levels. Meaning, that what were were afraid of as a kid as an adult we aren't for two reasons. First, we start to comprehend what the reality is and then simply we choose to disbelieve it using our "rational mind." For example, I was always terrified of huge monsters when I was little because of Godzilla. When I grew up and saw how they made the special effects, I wasn't afraid anymore realizing it wasn't "real." Also, reading in book about how those huge monsters, such as dinasaurs are now extinct further proved that what I thought or perceived as a kid wasn't real.

When I saw my first splatter movies, I was afraid of Freddy Kruegger or Jason. However, I realize now, Fear acts in the same manner of one who is hypnotized and has the same type of effect meaning we become paralyzied and can't move or act rationally. Just like being hypnotized, the individual has to first WANT to be hypnotized and believe.

The same with fear. We need to believe it to let it have control over us. Hence the saying, "Courage is NOT the absence of fear, rather the perseverance in the face of it."

Fear from a psychological effect can trigger real physical responses literally such as adrenaline, which leads to the saying: "Fight or Flight Syndrome." Other physicl responses include, goose bumps, shivering, eyes dialatingsweaty palms, nervous ticks, etc.

To me what is interesting is that I feel control is an illusion, We never are in control of anything. We live our lives convincing otherwise but to me, cicumstances occur where either a we're a catalyst for it or effected by one. A penny dropping out of the hand will fall on the ground. One cn argue you can stop that if you drop the said penny and catch it with your other hand. However, perhaps, in the scheme of things, you literally played into the hands of fate as perhaps the penny was never destined to hit the ground in the first palce rather destined to be caught by your other hand.

Point I'm trying to make is that Fear as someone mentioned is not being in control. Fear of the unknown, is an example of this as not knowing somethng we can't control it.

There are levels of fear as our squirming stomachs and shortness of breath will attest to. For example, when I was a young rabbit, leveret.... I was deathly afraid of needles and getting shots. As the time came for it, I would start to pant/breath faster, sweaty palms, etc. Some people would say NOT to look at the needle, but fr me, NOT knowing when the needle would go in was the biggest fear. The needle, would hurt, yet, I was afraid of pain BUT the fear that proceeded it was far more scary than the procedure itself.

What I did was to pretend I was in another place. sort of like what people who might be tortured in the military are trained to do. Sort of put your mind elsewhere. Pain is pain but the psychological aspects is far worse. Tuning yourself out can help.

AN example of this is if you pick up a snow, it is COLD. but convince yourself, that you're reall hot an the colder it is, the wasrmer you are. At some point youll get frostbitten of course but the point I'm making is that the mind is a poerful thing where you can choose to perceive smething in a total different light.

That is the same with FEAR. Fear is perception of what's real and not. To someone who is afraid of Santa Clause to someone else, may not be if they don't believe in Santa Clause. TO someone who is afraid of their priest may be so from previous experiences but to someone else without those persnal experiences it may be not.

The key here is PERSONAL experiences whcih determines the level of fear one may have in something. Someone who's never been on Roller coaster ride may be afraid of what they read or hear about. Once they ride on it, they may overcome that said fear OR it may strengthen their stance. The experience itself may be a deciding factor if the ride is truly scary or not. That said, someone who had a bad experience on a roller coaster may or may not try that ride again but most likely will second guess the ride .

Elevators, Planes, Roller Coasters, all have one tihng in common and that is, no matter who you are, your srengths, your knowledge, experiences, you have abslutely NO control once you're aboard.

My final thoughts on my Fear Treatsie, to me the greatest fear for me is when you willingly give up control of your freedom, choices and let someone else or circumstances make that choice for you.





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What is fear.......Fear is what you can't see but definitely feel. Fear is when the lights sudddenly go out and your're the only one in the largest room and something coincidently falls or drops on the floor and you don't recongnize the sound. Fear is when you can feel the fine strands of hair on the back of your feel like they're separating and the back of your neck suddenly becoming warmer than normal along with a dampness which is your own sweat. Fear is the unknown...like who's sitting next to you RIGHT NOW even though you believe you're the only one in the room or in the house because your friiend just left to the store. Fear is knowing that if something wants to GET YOU not from this heavenly world it'll GET You day or night !...........F--E--A--R


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