Hey FEARnet, give people what you promise them...

Hey FEARnet, give people what you promise them...

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Twice now FEARnet has promised me something and didn't deliver. 

About a year ago I was promised some FEARnet swag because they messed up my March Monster Madness entry.  I e-mailed about 3 times and no swag.

Now, I did a survey for them and was promised a $10 gift card to iTunes, was sent the code and that didn't work.  I e-mailed and no answer.

I watch FEARnet all the time but feel a bit slighted as a fan...

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Exactly!! What a load of shit on their part for duping people into filling out a survey by promising something they had no intention on delivering on!Plus their site is the buggiest pile of shit I have ever encountered. Please contact me Fearnet if you have any real intention on rectifying this situation seeing as how you have made it impossible to contact anyone from your site directly. Thank for the contact info part of your site you bastards.Yell

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Dear FEAR Fans,
We are close to resolving the gift card issue and will be in touch as soon as it is resolved.

We appreciate your continued patience and support.

Thank you,

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