new to fearnet...need some new zombie movies.

new to fearnet...need some new zombie movies.

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Big lover of zombie flicks. Just start throwing out some titles i'm open to all :)

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Welcome!   Here's a few I think are pretty good. 'Dead And Breakfast', 'Zombie Strippers', 'Trailer Park Of Terror', 'Dead Alive', 'Trespassers', 'Flight Of The Living Dead, 'The Rage', most of these are kinda funny, but they're good and gory! Enjoy!          Kaboom


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I don't really know any seriously good ones for like scare factor maybe the night of the living deads but I'm sure ya got those theres alot of goofy zombie flicks like my boyfriends back and night of the creeps it's like a alien zombie type movie but worth watchin .



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an old one thats pretty out there is Hard Rock Zombies

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       Here are a few  Zombie Town , American  Zombie , Zombie Diaries, and   Day of the Dead . I

know if you've  seen these. Good Luck.


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how about Lucio Fulcis Zombie or even the Lamberto Bava Demons trilogy could be zombie-like.

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I have seen alot of zombie movies and here are some of my favorites

dawn of the dead(the remake) return of the night of the living dead  diary of the dead  trailer park of terror  day of the dead2(the contingum)  flight of the living dead  dance of the dead  zombie strippers  night of the living dead(the remake) there are so many more!  There are alot of titles that I have read about but don't know where to find them.  There is suppose to be a new George Romero film coming out this year!

                                               let me know if you find anymore  thanks!





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As long as we keep the truly crappy ones off the air. Zombie Diaries, Day of the Dead 2008 and Day of the Dead 2 all sucked. They are not even usable as Turkey Night movies. :(


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Lucio Fulci's Zombie is a great flick, if you haven't seen it.  Probably my favorite zombie movie.


Another one that I saw recently that I liked a lot is Undead.  High cheese factor, but funny\awesome.


Stacy: Schoolgirl Zombies was pretty good, too.


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Dead and Breakfast is the best, btw it has the best zombie scene ever. I don't want to spoil it for you.

It's on iTunes now too. Super easy to watch.

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