Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers

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Interesting for a B-movie.  Robert Engulend (Freddy) stars as a strip joint owner who's found increasing cash flow in his illicet club by featuring the undead. 

The movie starts out pretty boring and typical.  A government project gone wrong, ends up leaving an infected soldier who wonders into the illegal club.  The girls are pretty hot as it is, but when the soldier ends up biting the star of the show, the club heats up.  Although most zombies wonder around like their mentally challenged, zombification effects the women differently in this flick.  Point being, they dance a lot better. Robert Engulend seeing nothing wrong with the extra cash flow, decides to keep the undead women locked up at night when the club closes, and allows them to eat the few unfortunate patrons that oft try to take liberties with the girls.  Like many who turn into the undead, the girls start to look like shit, but none of the guys seem to notice.  Needless to say the undead patrons break loose and as one is expecting the disease to spread, it later becomes nuetralized by gov't commando's looking for their long lost pal.

All in all, the film wasn't as bad as it could've been.  The  beginning was pretty stupid.  Special effects were great.  It also had a lot of failed attempts at dry humor.  Gives a new meaning to the term "crotch rot."

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I really liked this movie. I expected it to be a crap fest, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. I thought the make - up and special effects were pretty good and I thought the story line was awesome. The acting wasn't great, but what can you expect from former porn stars and Tito Ortiz. Of course, Robert Englund totally stole the show.

Overall, I thought this movie was awesome and have recommended it to a alot of people that have liked it.

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I would recomend this to my horror movie freinds to watch as an example to never make a movie like this, yeah sure its new and diferent on the whole zombie infection angle, but it was possibly the worst zombie movie i have ever seen. and i have watched zombie's anonymous. I would suggest this movie to people who have sex with their hands or are necropheliacs! After i watched it i wanted the time i spent watching it back. I spent the entire movie wondering if the director was really fucked up, on many drugs, or just didn't know what he was doing. The stripper angle was new but it got old really quickly. It does give a new meaning to crotch rot and the dry humor was as dry as a desert, But the special effects suprised me, I at first thought that it would be makeup form walmart and horror masks and paint from the kids costume section. I was proven wrong and was happy about that. I give this movie a half scream on my horror scale and hope that this movie burns in horror movie whatever.

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I have to admit, it was alot better then I thought it would be. I was expecting some major cheese..And you're right, that is definitely the crotch rot. Yuk! You gotta love Robert Englund though...

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If you think this is the worst zombie movie ever, then you've missed ALOT of zombie films! I've watched a few that were literally impossible to get through they were so bad. I'll get you a list and then maybe you'll think differently about that statement.

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I loved this movie.  It was comical, gross, raunchy, and awesome.  I laughed my ass off.  Robert Englund is in here makes it that more awesome.  I also have suggested to others and all have liked it. One of my favorite zombie movies.

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Totally didn't do it for me...

JJ was terrible in it and Englund was somewhere between goofy and comical. 

I didn't even find this one sexy. And to me, blood and gore mixed with female nudity is usually big time sexy!!

I watched it once over a year ago and I'm pretty sure I'll never watch it again. Still not sure if they were trying for a horror comedy or just a b-movie horror flick..?? 

Meh - without crappy films, I probably wouldn't appreciate the good ones as much.

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I kinda liked the movie...it was pretty good..wouldnt say great but good....my kids even sneeked to watch it..lol...when i found out they were...it was too late for me to take it out..so i let them finish it ...lol...my kids love horror movies too...just like their mom!..its great that i can sit and watch scary movies wih them...

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I liked this movie but again I love zombie movies even the stupid ones but no one does Zombies like Romero.  I am fortunate that both my girlfriend and our kids love horror movies even when they sneak to watch the ones they shouldn't.    Overall though was a pretty decent movie!!  I mean anything with Robert Englund I loved him as Freddy and even as willie on the original V. He definitely makes good horror flicks.    

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Crotch Rot, really?!!! Lmao. I had a blast watchin this movie, it was fun.

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Finally watched this last night. Thought it was funny as hell!

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