Scariest movie you've seen?

Scariest movie you've seen?

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I'm craving a terrifying movie more than anything. I've seen lots of good horror movies, but none that have had me more than slightly nervous.

Any suggestions?

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Don't know if these are the scariest but to me, they were the most interesting: House of 1000 Corpses and it's sequel called The Devils Rejects.  Thank Rob Zombie for these creationsLaughing

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Saw 3 was reeeaally scary! well, for me :P  House of 1000 corpses was too. oh and Stephen King's stories,  and The Exorcist of Emily Rose,  I couldn't sleep Cry






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The Dentist 1 & 2 XD They are only scary if you think about it :P...I thought it was SADCry I wish I could give Dr Allen Feinstone a BIG HUG! and make all the pain go awayCry

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I've seen House of 1000 Corpses and adored it, but didn't find it very scary. Stephen King's novels terrify me, but the movies just make me a little nervous.

Things that scare me: clowns, ghosts, and cannibalism. Any more suggestions?

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As you can tell the texas chainsaw massacre', and tool box murders was pretty damn good and rob zombies stuff is kick ass also.

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All of Rob Zombie's movies are good. Eli Roth isn't too bad, either. I just watched one that most people would say is not a horror movie. I started a forum awhile ago 'Define Horror', everyone has thier own ideas. Check it out. Anyway the movie is 'The Day After' (1983), about a nuclear attack on the Kansas City area. They did a good job. It may not be straight up horror, but, it WILL scare you!

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I loved Seven with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt but that was more psychological thriller If your afarid of clowns then i would watch IT that kept me awake for a little while Jacobs ladder was a good one.

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Well i got to tell ya. One of the scariest films i have ever seen was friday the 13th part 3. Everybody knows jason. In this movie its creepy cause he watch his victims the whole time and they don't see him. The kills are pretty gruesome too... Also the excorsist of emily rose is very chilling. There is not much death in it but demonic possession is scary by itself.....And i recommend boogyman 3. The special effects are good and you will think twice about sleeping with the lights off... Something else that helps. Most horror films aren't scary without their musical theme's. You wouldn't watch one without sound.....So you really shouldn't watch em during the day. Set up a stage that will add to the experience. Like watching them at night. Turn the lights off. maybe light some candles. Have something to drink and a big bowl of popcorn handy. Pausing the movie for bathroom breaks ruins the effect too. Anyways....Try these movies and idea's to help. Your horror experience will be much more thrilling. I garantee it.....

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If you like cannabalism "Ravenous" isn't too bad. For Ghosts "House on Haunted Hill and 13 Ghosts" weren't too bad but the endings are pretty lame.

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The Exorcist scared the holly shit out of me and gave me nightmares for weeks




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