Latest horror movies

Latest horror movies

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Have you seen the latest friday the 13th. WOW. They have taken idea's from the first four movies and incorporated them into one. The kill scene's are clever and some what gruesome. The dialog is consistant and hilarious at times. Plenty of tits and a** for the boys too. Its a 9 out of 10. It lacks the original theme which seem to make it more scary. Have you seen the haunting in connecticut...uhg....It was terrible. It had like 2 good seens. Its not worth watching. Aweful. 2 out of 10. Have you seen the unborn. Now it was pretty good. It was thrilling, scary, and suspenseful. It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Its an 8 out 10. This is one to watch again and again. Have you seen his name was JASON. Its a compile of scene's from the original movies and interviews with the original cast/crew. Its pretty cool. I would recommend checking it out if you are a friday fan!


Thx for checking my discussion out. Tell me what you think about these movies. Like em, hate em. Tell me why or why not. Love to hear output on this..Thx again horror fans!!!!

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I finally saw Quarantine the other day and absolutely loved that film. I did have some questions of possible plot holes but hey, one of the better horror films I have seen in awhile.

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I personally enjoyed the scenes that make you jump. You gotta admit...there were quite a few. I haven't seen the new Jason...I think I just may have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Just came back from seening Orphan.  Good movie but a little long.  The plot was interesting and had a lot of twists and turns.  I not sure I would want to see it again but a good one time watch

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Orphan was pretty freaky, but the ending was great. Yell

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Just saw The Collector.  Great movie, i've got a lot of respect for the creativity of the deaths.  Having a whole house rigged to destroy is pretty intense.  Not so much a fan of this recent trend of movies thinking that the only way they can "scare" people is to show intensely grotesque torture scenes.  But still.  Its worth seeing.  Good s*** happens. Ending will make you hate life tho hahaha.

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I think the movie Orphan was brilliant. I loved the ending. No one would've guessed it.

The movie Unborn sent me chills and thrills. Simply marvelous.

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