H.P.Lovecraft fans I need your help!

H.P.Lovecraft fans I need your help!

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Just started reading some Lovecraft a couple of months ago and I really enjoy the short stories.  Unfortunately, most of the compilations have the same stories and I can't always view a table of contents at Amazon.com or Abebooks.com.  I've got a partial list of the stories I'm looking for, perhaps someone could tell me what compilation may have several of shorts of what I'm looking for  in them? I'd really appreciate some input.

Here they are:

-The battle that ended the century--The outside--Marginalia--The lurker at the threshold--the lurking fear--something about cats--the survivor--cry horror--the shuttered room--dreams and fancies--collected poems of h.p.lovecraft--autobiography of a nonentity--the dark brotherhood--the horror in the museum--fungi from yuggoth--the watchers out of time--the horror in the burying ground--dreams of terror and death--the road to madness--waking up screaming--shadows of death--the white ship--celephais.

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Hey Spooky,

Glad to see you've discovered the master. The great thing about Lovecraft is his gift to horror writers. You don't have to worry about plot. The whole world's a plot.

Here's the Library of America edition. This has an incredible lot of Lovecraft's work collected in a single edition:


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