Great movies no one has seen

Great movies no one has seen

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My top five list would be:

1.) 2001 Maniacs

2.) Just Before Dawn

3.) Frankenhooker

4.)  Strangeland

5.) Freaks ( Tod Browning)


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Loved Frankenhooker when I saw it back in the day but haven't seen it since, Strangeland was good a lot of the movies listed on here were great and a lot of them I need to see. One that I really love cause it scared the crap out of me as a kid, was a made for tv movie called "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" It was made in 1973. Those little onion headed creatures freaked me out! Anyone else see it?

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark was maybe one of the scariest movies ever done as an ABC Movie of the Week.  Especially considering the ending, which was rather daring at the time.  Kim Darby was great in it.

Kevin S. O'Brien, if you're out there, thanks to this forum, I saw both "Night of the Living Bread" and "Loaf" on YouTube and Daily Motion, respectively.  You are a genius.  Thanks.




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I wouldn't say no one has seen these movies, I guess it just depends to what degree of a stuck-up hipster fuckhead you are... I'm bad, but I've met much worse. I think I continue to stay in this podunk Pennsyltucky town 'cause were I to move to say, Philthydelphia, I'd be too jaded to be allowed to live. Except the drugs would be much easier to find and cheaper. Anywho, here's the movies:

1.Anything by Alejandro Jowdorowski: The Holy Mountain, El Topo, Santa Sangre

2.Viva La Muerte, directed by Fernando Arrabal

3.L'Age D'or and Un Chien Andalou, by Luis Bunuel

4.Huge fan of John Waters' early stuff: Female Trouble, Desperate Living, Pink Flamingos

5.Fritz Lang's M, Metropolis, and Hangmen Also Die!

6.Russ Meyers and the sexiest, big-titted babes ever: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

7.The king of ineptitude, Ray Dennis Steckler's The Thrill Killers and Rat Pfink A Boo Boo

8.The Battle of Algiers (or La Battaglia Di Algeri, if you wanna get all Euro-Trash about it)

9.The short films of Kenneth Anger up through Lucifer Rising (I'm not saying his later stuff isn't good, just haven't seen it)

10.Todd Solondz' Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness, Storytelling (lotsa uneasy, nervous laffs from this stuff)


None of this is technically "horror", but a lot of the imagery and thematic elements are pretty horrific. Big thumbs up to all of you who brought up Italian horror classics like Don't Torture A Duckling and The New York Ripper, too many idiots these days have no clue how cool italian giallo stuff from the mid-60's through late 80's was.

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1. Horror House on Highway 5 - Majorly tripped out 70's movie about a group of college kids who wander into the wrong part of town.  Take "Last House on the Left" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and inject copious amounts of shrooms, LSD, and acid into it.

2. The Bird with the Crystal Plummage - Dario Argento's first film.  In italian tradition, its a giallo film.  Not quite as colorful as his later works, but well done nonetheless.

3. Hardware - A sci-fi/horror blend, has a little cameo by Lemmy from Motorhead in it.  A nice mix of post-apocalyptic world/alien/terminator.

4. Unhinged - A 70's style slasher movie made in the 80's.  Honest opinion, its a little slow, and the characters are classic stupid protagonists, but the ending made it worthwhile to me.

5. Stagefright - Argento/Bava disciple Michele Soavi's first film.  As an occasional live theatre actor, this film holds a special place in my heart.  Maniac invades a theatre troupe's rehearsal.  Wonderfully done in my opinion.  Its a shame Soavi hasn't resurfaced lately.

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The Ugly

The Dead Pit

City of the living Dead

the Beyond

House by the Cemetary

Return of the Evil Dead

Right at your Door


Cemetery Man

Bad Dreams

The Stepfather





FEAST 1, FEAST 2 AND THE REALLY OUT THERE FEAST 2. All the monsters and gore anyone could want.

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I have to go with "Santa's Slay". I know a lot of us here on Fearnet have seen it but not very many other people.

I thought that "2001 Maniacs" was awesome.


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i guess my previous occupation leaves me out of this one. i've seen previous mentioned titles. some were common movie titles. maybe it depends on location.

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Freaks is great! its one of my favorite movies, i tell everyone to watch it. thanks for recognizing it as a great.


make sure to check out Horror Hotel 1960 its also titled as The City of the Dead Christopher Lee stars

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i never hear people talk about movies like.. the serpent and the rainbow, or jacobs ladder. they were really good movies. baby blues was a decent cheap thrill as well most people i ask have not heard of it


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