Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

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Clive Barker is awesome.

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I read all the time. I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Poppy Z. Brite, and Christopher Golden. I recently read all the Harry Potter books as well as the Twiligt saga. Lame, I know.. but they were decent reads. I've since moved on to the books that the HBO series True Blood is based off of.

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I love Stephen King Book they  are my favs. The Ones I like best are Sleepwalker and Pet Semetary those books Freakin Rock! There's nothing better than to read a novel and then watch the movie and see  what things are similiar.

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I love to read books, hate the library.  Don't like the people telling me to be quiet, no alcohol, no sex in the aisles....  Really, are these places serious?  What ever happened to good clean sex in public places.  Wait, that really is wrong?  No wonder the little kids were staring at us funny and big birds beak was poking me in the a$$!!!   I read alot, especially ebooks I pirate off of the internet.  I know, shame on me...  Sue me.

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Clive barker is about the best horr Author of our time with suck greats as Weavwordl,The books of blood and my personal favorit The Theif Of Allways. He writhes this one almoast as a childrens book but its isstill scary as hell. I Picked it up when i was 14 started the morning and was finished by that night,,,,and then wanted to read it agin.Very few books do that to me.

I am also i big fan of HP Lovecraft. Once you get past tome of the mid 40s big word lang. there is some scary shit in there. I recomend Call of Cutul

Later.............................PS read enything by Egar Allen Po(real dark n twistes)Sealed

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Its hurtful being a horror fan who truly savors good books, cause when they come to the silver screen, so many are pure garbage. As much as I love H.P. Lovecraft , enuf said!!! King, Barker their movies have been hit and miss. I'm hoping they do justice to Laurell K. Its really hard when you fall in love with these worlds they create and watch Hollywood rip them to shreds for a fist full of dollars.

That my friends is true terror!!!!!!!!!!

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Ghost Story. My personal favorite. A great read, good plotting, fully realized characters and spooky as all get out! Love it. Stephen King's, The Shining (skip over the part where he's attacking his wife with a roque mallet) and Salem's Lot is, in my opinion, the best vampire novel since Bram Stoker's original Dracula. Koontz's, Watchers was well written but I haven't been able to look at Mickey Mouse quite the same since reading that book. Still haunts me, in a bad way. For those of you who have read Watchers you know what heartbreak is when I describe a neatly folded blanket in a cave and the plaintive cry, "Mickey!" I will never read that book again! I have had a time of it trying to find good modern non-gory fiction, so I tend to stick with the classics and books I've read a dozen times.

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I will read pretty much anything. I discover treasures that way. My favorite book of all time is The Stand by Stephen King. I have read it 2-6 times a year since I was 15 years old. I have destroyed in the process about a dozen copies because it is like a bible to me. A few years ago I bought a 1st Edition copy in hard cover, I still read it carefully. Do not talk to me about the film because it was pure garbage.
My next favorite is the Earth Children book series by Jean Auel. The series follows a woman Ayla through the trials and journeys of her life as Cro Magnon woman raised by Neanderthals.
I recently discovered that I enjoy reading Patterson as well as watching. I also have recently begun to read Cornwell and I have to agree that Scarpetta rocks. It doesn't hurt that she is a hot, rich chick who works with dead things either :) So far my favorite has been Body Farm with it's very graphic description of the body farms used to study different stages and types of decay. This subject has always been very interesting to me.

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I read all the time..... I have read everyting by Stephen King, But my all time favorite has to be Laurall K Hamilton.....i love the vamps and the lycans in her books... I have read all of the Anita Blake series up to date.. and the Mistral series isnt bad either...though i havent gotten through all of that one.

I did get turned onto  a knew author though...Bently Little... wow now he has some warped thinking...though i love to read his books...some actually make my skin crawl a little... He is a great horror novelist...

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Some authors of the horror genre that are generally shorter than Stephen King would include; Dan Simmons, Clive Barker (yes Hellraiser was a novel before a movie), Peter Straub (along the lines of stephen king but shorter and generally more interesting), Dean Koontz (a more personable and readable stephen king with elements of comedy). S.A. Swinarski (vampire-esque novels that read like Tolkien stories). Holden Scott and Iris Johansen also write relatively interesting stories. I strongly suggest Clive Barker's Cabal or Theif of Always or Peter Straub's Shadowland


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