Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

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Clive Barker is awesome.

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i love a good book...i read john saul, stephen king, james patterson only a few of the many. i hate to watch the movie after reading the book. story line is usually butchered by the time it makes it to film.

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Hey, I LOVE to read. I'm a fan of ALL horror, not just films. Along with books, theres some great Horror comics that I love as well. Mostly cult classics, but I still love them!

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I absolutely love to read. I'm in the process of reading two books right now, actually. The first one is The Stand by Stephen King. I've seen the old mini-series, a very long time ago, and everyone I know has always told me I needed to read the book. I found the uncut version of it at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago for like 6 bucks. So I picked it up. 

Along with that I am also reading this really neat book I picked up at a book store in our local mall. I love zombie movies and video games and such, so when I saw this book, I had to have it. It's a compilation book that has many different authors. Clive Barker, Stephen King, Joe Hill, George R. R. Martin, Poppy Z. Brite, just to name a few. And they're all about... dun dun DUUUUN... you guessed it, Zombies. At the moment I am reading the story done by Clive Barker. I believe it's called Sex, Death, and Starshine. I've always been a fan of Clive Barker, and of course the story is good so far. Albeit, no zombies yet, ha ha. 

I have actually only known about a couple Clive Barker books, but I am very entertained by his work and would like to learn about more. So if anyone has any good suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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Johbai throw in another little monkeywrench into the complexity of that which is johbai.'ve read my works (I hope) - both serious and satarical (again I hope) - and have probably figured out that I'm an avid Disney Channel watcher (hope you figured that out as well).  Always enjoy horror movies - thus that's why I joined.  And now; for the wrench...

What does johbai read...

No kidding...

My two favorites are L.M. Montgomery (the author of Anne of Green Gables - read all eight of her series) kidding...Jane Austen (read all of her main novels - except Emma - still have to read that one - and seen them all in movie version). Admittedly - also enjoyed the Jane Austen Book Club (movie).

So you know yet another side of johbai.

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                                                 Wanna make something of it?!  Didn't think so!

How about a little tongue.jpg

Peace out yall!!!!


I cant believe I havent read about anyone here reading BRIAN LUMLEY'S NECROSCOPE SERIES. The series is about a kid who can speak to the dead and the long since dead, as in ancient Greeks. NOT ghosts, but the actual dead in their "slumber" and because of this, makes the mistake of discovering vampires and EVEN WORSE, the beings that MAKE vampires called WAPHYRI. The book has vamps, werewolves, zombies, spies, tactical military forces, other dimensions. This guy creates a whole new lore and the series ACTUALLY ENDS, albeit about 15 novels later, WITH AN ENDING YOU GUYS WOULD LOVE. His work is incredible and addictive IF YOU HAVENT READ THEM YOU MUST TRY IT. BUT START AT THE FIRST BOOK! A MUST ! I guarantee you will love it. He has a web site but if you get too much info, even what I have given you, it takes away from GREAT surprises and great reading. The first 2 books are good, by the third youre addicted and after that you just start buying the books in bunches. NOT KIDDY STUFF.

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Well, they certainly sound interesting. Are they attainable in any book store? Or do you think they'd have to be specially ordered or something? It's not unheard of. Ha ha. Let me know, please?


I usually pick them up at Barnes and Noble. Sometimes you have to order them from B&N cause they might not have the particular book but they carry his stuff regularly. Trust me. If you like Vamp horror, This thing is like a runaway train. It just gets better as it picks up speed and builds an incredible story.

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Sounds awesome. When I have some extra spending cash I will have to see where the closest Barnes and Noble is and see if I can't find at least the first couple of books. And seeing as they're vampire books, I should most definitely enjoy them. I have had a love for vampires since I was really young, ha ha. If it's not too much to ask - I could always look it up somewhere - do you have a list of the books, in order? That way I can know for sure I'd be getting the right ones. Thanks again. 


To my knowledge

















The last three are not exactly part of the VAMPIRE series but dwell on the main character who speaks to the dead and is the hero of all the books. You should really like these. Hope they dont screw up the flick. There is some HEAVY out of this world and serious GOTHIC horror in the books. Happy reading, "Happyy" Nightmares.

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While Stephen King, Bently Little and Richard Laymon will remain on my list of all-time favorite authors, I'm usually a sucker for "True" ghost stories and legends as well. The many books by author Charles J. Adams III are some of my favorites. He first attracted to his work when he began writing articles about ghosts and hauntings in a Reading, PA newspaper many years ago. Since that time, he has written over 25 books on haunted locations in Philadelphia, Cape May, New York City, and my personal favorite, Berks County, PA.

In fiction, I enjoy reading anything by author Brian Keene. If you like zombies, check out "Dead Sea", "City Dead" and "The Rising." His books, "Ghoul" and "Ghost Walk" are also Must Reads. I hope to get around to reading "Urban Ghotic" after the holidays. Most the time I finish a book in a week, but recently it's taken me two weeks to complete one.


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