Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

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Clive Barker is awesome.

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The mini series of IT left out a lot of the detail from the book. Or, I should say, glossed over some things.

Like the part when Beverly Marsh goes back to her old apartment. It was much scarier in the book. The nice old lady who makes her tea, then turning into a freakish monster and then turning into Beverly's father. The mini series shortened that whole scenario. Much scarier in the book.

There are many parts that were shortened or skipped in the TV show.

Also, you have Richerd Thomas playing Bill. I'm older than some here, but to me, he's always going to be John Boy Walton. I just think someone else could have been better cast in that role.

Not bashing the mini series at all. I like it a lot. But as is the case with many novels made into film, the book was way better. IMO.

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Yes people still read my faves are Stephen King John Saul Robert R. Mccammon and anything under the old zebra label. Ruby Jean Jensen, William W. Johnstone Stephen Greshem, and Patricia Wallace to name a few Oh and Jack Kecham Rocks!

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just finished "whitby: vampyric" by simon clark.  it sucked thought.. now im reading the prequal to that jane auston zomibe book, i can't remember the name.  its not too bad.  next in line is "the son of rosemary" clearly a follow up book to the original.

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some great authors,Robert Bloch,V.C Andrews,H.P. Lovecraft,Douglas Clegg,Tami Hoag,Charlaine Harris,Clive Barker is good(the inhuman condition)creepy!

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I saw "The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy movie"

and then I read the book by "Douglas Adams" and found out The Ultimate Answer To Everything



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i actually dont read anything that isnt non-fiction. The only story i have read since school days is the zombie survival guide! i wouldnt mind giving a horror story a go but i have no idea what i would read!?

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Oh Yeah! I love to read, if non-fiction is more your style there's lots 2 read that will let you stay true to the horror admirer inside u! there's 1 that Im sure would interest u: It's called "Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside", by Brad Steiger. You might also find "Hecate's Fountain" a more than thrilling read, that is if you make it out of the book with your sanity in tact. But who's 2 say that any of us start the book with our sanity in tact! O.B.T.W., the author's name is Kenneth Grant. The "True Crime" line of books can be good if you get a story that catches your attention. They're written by various authors but u can find 'em just about anyplace paperbacks are sold. The books take you along with the criminal's day 2 day lives as they take thier leap into some very sick shit! And if fiction's your thing, why not try something by H.P. Lovecraft? There was a movie made from one of his books- I'm not sure but I think it might have been called "In the Mouth of Madness", or "From the Mouth Madness"

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there is actually quite a few films based on lovecrafts work that you may be intrested in there is from beyond/dagon & re-animator to name a few made by stuart gordon & brian yuzna

you could start of a lovecraft discussion & am sure other people could recomend some



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