His name was Button... pt.1

His name was Button... pt.1

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In a trailer, in small hick town, lived a boy frail and profound. He was left to fend for himself at age six, While his mother was always out among the night, turning tricks.

Night after night, left alone to his thoughts, his father left home and Button nearly forgot. How it felt to be loved because his father did so once, but couldn't not raise him alone so he walked away, away alone, and left the boy to his fate. He might of changed his mind if he knew what it would create.

One winter mourning Button awoke to a terrable noise, a loud bang in the back room that made his ears ring. So little Button, standing maybe 3 ft. tall, walked to his mothers room and saw her brains upon the wall. The sight was of pure horror and to Buttons surprise he felt nothing at all for her no tears came to his eyes.

Now, you must understand that this boy Button, being left alone so long, made him something bad, a whore for a mother and not really knowing his dad. Button watched t.v. at nights until one day it worked no more, there was no one to pay the bills so he just laid there on the floor. Plotting situations of how to get some food, the winter was very cold and there's nothing for a boy to do.

 Button walked back in to his mothers room, where her body lay in rot, it had been a week now since he heard the shot, The stench was enough to make anyone sick, but Button, well he didn't seem to mind it.

Button walked back to the kitchen and got himself a knife, went back to his mother and with one quick swipe, her entrails spilled out like water from a dam. Steam rose from the wound as the spilled to the ground.

You couldn't imagine, of what the boy would do next, and if you can your fucking sick. Yes he ate her guts, Blood soaked and hungry he feasted cause he was starved. This was survival some say but what happened next, would leave scares......

To be continued


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Old buttons a canibal because he was left all alone , a poor kid with no family now seeking some blood,

what the fxxx this stuff is for real can you do some more odead1Wink

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