Asian horror vs. American horror

Asian horror vs. American horror

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Ok, to say the least asian horror has been kicking our ass in the genre for a long time. all we do to counteract it is remake all there movies using the same directors. The sad part is the asian version is always better but we keep on doing it. where has originality gone? In the 1980's we had amazing horror films, cheesy yes, gore filled yes, great, fuck yeah. where have we gone since then? Remake after remake.  Does the grudge need 2 sequals just because some asian director did them first?  NO. The only thing Sam Rami has done in horror lately is make asian film remakes so what the hell. Did Spiderman make him soft or what? I'm happy to see that He is doing drag me to hell, it has been a long time coming. with people like Clive barker and Sam raimi, we should be doing films on our own accord not following in others footsteps. Michael Bay is getting all the money to remake American horror classics with his own spin on them but when will we see something new? It is time we retake horror and bring new blood to the big screen. I think "midnight meat train" and "Drag me to hell" is just what we needed to get things going again. How about you.

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they both have there appeal my favorite comparision would be Ju'an the curse,the american verision sucked, then I downloaded the Asian verision without Subs,I could'nt stop watching the thing,I allready knew the basic dialog but the intensity of the orignal was amazing I threw away (deleted) the sucky Amerian verision and when I want a good freak me out please!!! Thats what I watch.

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Totally agree with ya joe the originals can't be touched by the american reimagings or recreatings. some say they are the same film, maybe, but in the eye of the beholder, especially mine it's not the same film. Plus the american versions they're always PG-13.

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SERIOUSLY, I wish we would STOP remaking Asian horror movies. Stick to creating original American horror and leave Asian horror to share with us their own contributions to film-making. The styles are different and thankfully so, as we are graced with different stories, different atmospheres due to the different cultures, different cinematography styles, et al. JUST STOP with the watered down, crappy, half-ass, hollow, soul-less remakes. It's just embarassing.

In all fairness, I will say that The Ring and The Grudge were fair remakes, but the rest? BAHH!

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The problem is that we are unfamiliar with the concept that we aren't asian.  Nor are we french, or italian.

Each of thsese countries has wonderful horror films that could not have been made anywhere else because they reflect each respective country's filming sensibilities and styles.

An italian could not have made Ringu, or Ju-On.  A Japanese director could not have made Frontier(s), or High Tension.  An American could not have made Suspiria or Demons.  A french director could not have made Evil Dead or Nightmare on Elm St. 

This is not to say that any country makes better horror movies, its just that each has their own flavor, and I personally like it that way.

Now, with that being said, I see nothing wrong with taking hints and ideas from other styles and mixing it into your own workings, but don't try to copy it.  You're going to fail miserably everytime.  Anyway, I'm through ranting.  Enjoy whatever brand of horror movies you like.  Personally, I'm an Italy man, but to each their own.

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Technically there are 6 Ju-on movies outside of the U.S. version The grudge.

Yes Asian cinema is great.  The 80's belonging to American Horror not quite.  While yes Freddy was phenomenom, Jason has the highest bodycount.  You forget the euro classics Suspiria, Inferno, Demons, The Beyond, City of the living dead.  The biggest problem with American horror is our ability to destroy a good idea.  Saw was a good idea and could have been a good movie to me if not for a few bad actors(Elwes,Glover) and now is something we can expect every halloween.  The problem is studios will take Franchises and run them into the ground before they would ever give a original idea to the screen.  Also we oversaturate the market.  If you have success with one ghost story don't make that your theme for the whole year.  How many Vampire flick have come out since Twilight alone?  The studios feel we the masses will watch any cookie cutter piece of junk.  Like the Unborn. 

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I love Asian horror movies and even enjoyed a few of the remakes made from them, but I just wish the US will stop remaking them and start doing more original ideas. Granted, the few original ones that have been coming out kinda suck.. so maybe that's why we've been doing it. haha.

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Purchased and seen Dark Tales of Japan. THE ASIANS KNOW HOW TO DO HORROR. I totally agree, the American film writers need to come up with something  that is their own. Stop remaking Asian horror. Those guys are showing what they can give to horror in general. I really enjoyed DARK TALES of JAPAN, IT ROCKED!!!!


I cant agree. RINGU sucked, the RING was a better film. I didnt care for the GRUDGE American or Japanese. The Japanese have an intense fear of ghosts that I and a lot of the American public doesnt share. I just think everone has it in their head that if its American, its inferior, the NEW brainwashing. Some of the Japanese stuff is better some is pure shit, just like us. Everyone raves about the Spanish version of Quarantine and in my opinion the American version had better acting and production quality and a better story. I apeak Spanish and the theory as to what happened in the Spanish version is non-sensical. I am NOT saying that everything American is good. I am saying THAT NOT EVERYTHING JUST BECAUSE IT COMES FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE IS BETTER. Thats just the fad, thats just the bull people are sucking in. Every movie has merits regardless of its country of origin. Sometimes they make something good and sometimes its just shit. The rest is just fans jumping on the bandwagon and giving their biased opinion. Just my opinion. Peace out.HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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i thought reC pissed on quarantine, quarantine should never of been made, a total mess crappy acting bad everything the whole thing was wrong ,now with the advent of rEc 2, i hope they don't fuck it up again and bring out quaratine 2, hopefully they have realized it just dint work, but obviously there are people out there who take a totally different angle of quarantine and actually think it a good movie . But thats what i love about the horror, cause yu just never know where the fuck you are with it , you either love it or you down right fucking hate it ,No inbetweens for me !!sorry,!

click here for the trailer rec2

Click Here

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I lived in Asia for many years from age 5 to 25 and to keep my us status I had to leave the country for a week each yr, i used to go to different Asian country's and one was Japan, they have in there own country a lot of horror ,movies that are very good, one that i like gave mirrors a run for the money.and there was one called reincarnation that was dubbed and added to the horror feast 11 group of 8 movies. in the Philippines they have lots of vampire movies and movies about there local monsters called Aswang flying liver eating monsters, not bad for B type filming, but i think we still are far ahead here in the good old USA, like that movie the box and that movie they redid wolf man if its not that good? the way they make there monsters here are much much better  but theirs a french film that i like too we have it right here on fear net, called Frontier .. that's really bloody. and I wonder if anyone got the end? the friends of the son of that old 2END WORLD WAR GERMAN SS DUDE got her. sick movie but good. i hear that movie shutter island is very good.the movie 30 days of night that's a good vamp movie and its made here i think? we have more better movies cuz we have the techno guys to make it better,,  deadstar as Avatar


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