Asian horror vs. American horror

Asian horror vs. American horror

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Ok, to say the least asian horror has been kicking our ass in the genre for a long time. all we do to counteract it is remake all there movies using the same directors. The sad part is the asian version is always better but we keep on doing it. where has originality gone? In the 1980's we had amazing horror films, cheesy yes, gore filled yes, great, fuck yeah. where have we gone since then? Remake after remake.  Does the grudge need 2 sequals just because some asian director did them first?  NO. The only thing Sam Rami has done in horror lately is make asian film remakes so what the hell. Did Spiderman make him soft or what? I'm happy to see that He is doing drag me to hell, it has been a long time coming. with people like Clive barker and Sam raimi, we should be doing films on our own accord not following in others footsteps. Michael Bay is getting all the money to remake American horror classics with his own spin on them but when will we see something new? It is time we retake horror and bring new blood to the big screen. I think "midnight meat train" and "Drag me to hell" is just what we needed to get things going again. How about you.

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2 be honest m8 i used 2 get well pissed off with remakes & stuff, i decided the best way to deal with it is i just try not to compare them to each other. as for american vs asian both are amazing the problem is people are to ignorant to read subtitles or try & take in diffrent culture thats where them remakes directly come from. oh yea & not being funny clive barker is from liverpool in england

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im with u on this klownz many times have a come across ppl that wouldnt give a movie a chance because its in a different language....i love foreign flix...and i really dont mind reading..i actually preffer a movie in the orig language..I HATE dubbed movies it takes away all the emotion... for odead...i agree we do need to retake the genre back...the prob is that all the creativity is gone....maybe not gone but no one is stepping up and taking a leap of faith....they stick with the same ol same ol bullshite...and it can be kinda boring...we need more ppl that will put out a movie even if it isnt what the "people" want....they want the  trendy(twilight) crap...kinda the same way with music....the top bands are trendy shite music bands....all because thats what most ppl wanna hear....and sadly majority rules..even if we(actual horror fans) think its crap...

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I F**king hate remakes of foreign movies, especialy remakes of asian horror ! Why? Becasue the americans cant remake them [fullstop]. They are never as good and never as intense or as in depth. I dont know why they bother other than ignorant people not being arsed to read subtitles. (not aimed at amercans btw it just so happens the remakes are american.)

The Ring remake is the only one i genuinly enjoyed, Mirrors was good as well but still not as good as the original.

If somene sees a movie they think is great ... dont remake it, they could jst make a film thats got a similar concept.

People who watch remakes of asian or any foreign films really are missing out, more fool you, should hang your heads in shame Lol


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Asian vs American

well can thee really be a comparison? Hollywood has gotten very lazy and has only turned out original horror rarely.

With that being said I do believe the French is in front of kicking our asses in horror

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American-Remakes....really really really bad! remakes...


THE THING, THE BLOB, THE FLY, RETURN OF THE FLY, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, THE RING, TOOLBOX MURDERS, DAWN OF THE DEAD. All REMAKES. While one or two of these flicks will bring arguments pro and con, they are, by and large either partially or vastly superior to the originals once you remove the "loyal fan no matter what" syndrome. I LOVE subtittled foreign movies, my favorite being THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (LES PACTES DES LOUPS), but Asian horror is mostly the same old ghost story of a Harionago, the "messy chicks with the wet hair" and are often the SOS. What iconic characters have come from Asian flicks? Except, possibly, for . . . was it Mara from THE RING/RINGU (I wasnt impressed at all with RINGU and I own it) While we have FREDDY, JASON, LITTLE SAM, MICHAEL, ASH, LEATHERFACE, CHUCKY, DR.SATAN, THE FIREFLYS, REGAN, CARRIE, FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA, THE WOLFMAN, HANNIBAL LECHTER etc etc etc.

I am NOT defending the mass of pablum that are REMAKES but I would rather have TEN FAILED ATTEMPTS, than miss out on the horror treasure that is THE THING or THE FLY. If they never made remakes FOR WHATEVER REASON, some of these wouldnt exist. I am also NOT defending simply American as I PREFER the British renditions of Dracula and while I LOVE UNIVERSALS FRANKENSTEIN, I had NO PROBLEM enjoying Peter Cushings FRANKENSTEIN JUST AS MUCH.

Bottom line, if a movie is crap, its crap. I havent liked or seen anything special from Japan. I HAVE loved some Korean films. I think the wet chick ghost stories arent much, just sos. It was ok in the Japanese THE GRUDGE but didnt have the BANG to the flick I wanted. While at first creepy, you cant milk the stupid sound of someone waking up in the morning and expect the audience to be afraid of it after the first time.

To each his own. Just my opinion.LIKE A MOVIE. . DONT LIKE A MOVIEbtw. . . I am speaking about

Japanese horror not regular movies or classics like SEVEN SAMURAI, YOJIMBO ETC.

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I agree HF crap is crap ya can try and put bow and dress on it but at the end of the day if its crap its still crap!


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Dead SnowPersonaly I Love Asian Horror Movies so i will naturaly defend them, when it comes to remkes they are never defeted, the remakes are always terrible BUT ... To say asian horror is better then american really is personal preferance :)

There are loads of amazing american horror movies; i wont start a list cos it really would be endless.

But for me over all World Cinema Horror as a genre for me wins as much as i love my classics <3

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I really don't have a problem with remakes, since it draws attention to the originals if they are bad ("The original was SO much better!"), and if they are good... bonus. I actually have three versions of The Eye: the original Thai, the Indian remake (Naina), and the American version. It's kinda fun to watch all three and note the differences, the choices made to cater each film to its audience. Remaking is more than just making the movie again in another language, but in relating it to a common experience within a culture. I felt that the Japanese were a little too easy to believe in a curse in Ringu, but that is their culture to do so. The American remake rang more true to me because it tied the horror to the American cultural experience. That being said, not every foreign film successfully translates to the American experience, or the original movie's point is somehow missed entirely (I'm looking at YOU, Pulse/One Missed Call remakes), hence the flops. What people forget is that either way, the original still exists if that is the one you enjoy, and the original filmakers get paid for someone to remake their fillms, so they win too. 


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