fearnet neeeds to fix problem

fearnet neeeds to fix problem

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most people cant watch the movie it says not available in location  because of some technical problem and htey have not fixed it and all of you who do not help and say its great does not help us they then dont care about us thanks guys

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they always do get it fixed,since FearNet has been dropped by cable the people are joining at a fast pace here.They have to undertand this AIN'T the cable channell and servers get plugged up with all the new pic's video's and every one wanting a perfect movie to watch just don't happen over night.I've been having a problem getting on Discussions Pages,they freeze up and I have to bring up my Task Manager and shut off FearNet and start all over again,The weekends are the worst time to watch movies and move around the web sight.When a new listing comes everybody tring to watch the new flick just slows down the whole thing and makes it hard for others to see the flick,I know they are working to solve this.Please remember this is a free sight and server speed and peoples time cost big bucks.I'm gonna have a little patience and wait for them to catch up before I start bitchin(and before you say F patience,,F you go to a pay sight and have a perfect day!!!!)

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