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Hands of god killer, whats the go there, I'm still left unsure about the real killer in this movie, due to the fact that the younger son tells the story as the only survivor of the threesome family.  The father was apparently killed by his older brother, and then a faceoff between the two brothers leaves the younger son to avenge the father.  I was also left to wonder why was the boys mother never mentioned?.  The actual story is as they put it, so it's seen one sidedly, is it possible that the whole story is a bunch of lies hiding the truth, There is some truth, according to the occuring events.  The list, The Otis killing tools, The underground room, The graveyard

Is it really based on a true story........

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Awesome movie.  Worth checking out, but I don't think it was based on a true story.  There probably is some sicko that got inspirered or maybe the movie did take something from some actual criminal acts.  Keeps you guessing. Very suspensful.

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spoilers below


if im thinking right, the dad was the hands of god killer and when you touched the ppl he saw what they were like, and so could the youngest son, but the oldest son couldnt see anything.....and thought his dad was the end, i believe it shows the younger brother touching the ppl and seeing the badness as well, so he pretty much took over where the dad left off, and his older brother wound up being a bad guy and he had to kill him because he was on "his list" along with powers boothe's charachter, i think it shows him killing his mother when the younger brother touched his hand or something, so ofcourse he was on his list as well....thats the way i interpret it anyway...


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I also thought it was a great movie, I just thought it was sad because the entire movie you really felt for the older boy, but on an interesting note, you could also say that he was never bad and his dad turned him into what he became. . .that's my take on it.

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Exellent flick... I liked it cause it kept you guessing throughout...As far as true story goes, you can never really tell with that. Some of those are very loosly; Walking Tall with Rock? PLEASE!!! down right sad the way they dissed Buford Pusser on that... Do you really think Texas Chainsaw Massacre was real? It was based on some crazy farmer somewhere up in Minnesota that went nutzo on some locals.... At times, for the sake of drama, or horror, the writers do take some liberties...I guess they haven't realized that the truth is far more scary then most of the crap they add to it....

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i loved this movie one of the best stories in my opinion, its told by the younger brother because the father was chosen by god to kill demons, seeing there bad deeds by touching them and getting visions of what they've done, the sons were supposed to have the same abilities but only the younger one did, the older one didn't believe or see visions so he thought they were crazy, a angel told the father the older son was a demon but he loved him to much to believe it, but he killed his father and later in life became a serial killer, taking credit for his murders and the demons his little brother was killing and calling himself the gods hand killer. when he got his name on the list the younger brother killed the older one, just like the father the younger brother was protected by god, god would make it so he could never get arrested or seen when he was killing demons, its like when he was doing it he wasn't even there, pretty deep story to follow but i thought it was awesome. real story i don't know ??

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Awesome movie a friend gave me the DVD for Christmas a few years back!!!


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I definitely love this movie. I love movies that have that religious undertone. It just makes it so much more real and feasible in my head. Definitely check it out if you haven't seen it.

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YEs I echo everthing everyone has said.

It worth a spin! Lots of twist, its worth having in your collection

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I don't know if it's based on a true story, but this movie was pretty good!!


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