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Hands of god killer, whats the go there, I'm still left unsure about the real killer in this movie, due to the fact that the younger son tells the story as the only survivor of the threesome family.  The father was apparently killed by his older brother, and then a faceoff between the two brothers leaves the younger son to avenge the father.  I was also left to wonder why was the boys mother never mentioned?.  The actual story is as they put it, so it's seen one sidedly, is it possible that the whole story is a bunch of lies hiding the truth, There is some truth, according to the occuring events.  The list, The Otis killing tools, The underground room, The graveyard

Is it really based on a true story........

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I thought this was a very good movie, and interesting story. I do like Bill Paxton, and Mathew McConaughey, both are handsome and good actors. the twist in the story telling is a little confusing, but a good twist in the movie. I would recommend this movie if you haven't seen it.

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This was one of the best movies that I've ever just grabbed off the shelf in the video story that I didn't know anything about before-hand. Whenever I'm asked to recommend a movie, Frailty always comes to mind. It's a well-told, attention-holding story that has a surprise ending. It's also one of those rare suspense films that you can watch several times and still be entertained.


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