Lost and Forgotten Souls

Lost and Forgotten Souls

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Those souls who died in vain
the ones we dare not name
the people that we watched
slay themselves in the night

So turn your face away
From the light of day
to enter into a world
Unlike your own

A world in which we help
Instead of fight
A World which we love
Instead of hate

Yet here we are at the door of the forgotten
watching the souls pass
Nameless, forgotten, lost
let them once be free

These lonely souls can not be helped
for its their choice to die
No one can change their mind
Its now their time

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I liked it..nice and easy reading...just the righrt length......Peace...Joe

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it's been so kong since i;ve read any poetry,and longer still since i wrote one. it made me want to give it a try, good job!Kiss

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Always happy to inspire someone =D

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