The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy

The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy

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Our latest short film The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy is finally complete! The film will be released as a six part web series throughout the month of June. Once the series is complete the film will be released online, uncut, in its entirety. Parts 1 - 5 of the series are now available to watch online at Fighting Owl Films’ official site.

Corey is failing Biology. Her only hope of graduating is taking an extra credit job as assistant to the mysterious Professor Purefoy. It’s an easy job, but when Corey begins to wonder what’s in all those boxes she’s picked up for her teacher, what started off innocently soon spirals into a nightmare of physical and psychological manipulation. Forget graduating. Just try to survive.

Check it out if you have a chance. I hope you enjoy it!


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I saw a few eps of this and remember liking it.  I don't remember if I ever saw how it all ended up, so I'll have to go check out the page when I have a bit more time.

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