Does anyone read Bentley Little?

Does anyone read Bentley Little?

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Stephen King called him "the Master of Macabre." My personal favorites are The Store and The Association. The Fear Itself episode 'Community' reminds me of The Association a great deal, and there's an episode of Masters of Horror based on Little's short story The Washingtonians of the same title.

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I read Benteley Little!!!!! I really like his satirical takes such as The Store. He confronts everything from gated communities (The Association) to charter schools (the Academy). He is very much Left of center politically. Given that, it's almost counter-productive that he treats sex as indicative of evil. His latest book, the Disapearence, is an attack on religious cultism. Stephen King himself is a great admirerof Little's work.

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Yes I do.. I have the Vanishing, it's the only one I've read so far but OOOOhhh how I love it!!!  I love reading books as intense as this!!!! I'll have to check out " The ASSOCIATION"


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It took me MONTHS to get his short "The Numbers Game" out of my head. Pretty skin-crawling read.

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I love Bently Little.His first book "The Revelation" is amazing.

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Now that you mention it, I have read one of his books. It was called “The Policy”, and it was a rather strange take on the whole insurance policy. It made you think what those people are really capable of. Needless to say, I will think deeper in the regard to those  insurance salesmen and women.

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I love Bentley Little. I enjoyed The Store, The Association, The Policy, The Academy, The Resort, and a few more, and I am currently reading Dispatch. I love his short stories the most, and many are collected in The Collection. He is also in a lot of modern popular horror anthologies, such as the Hot Blood series. He used a similar plotline in all of the books I have read by him but I enjoy it and each book is unique.

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