My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)

My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)

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10 years ago miner gone bad Harry Warden went on a pick-axe slaughter fest.  Survivor Tom(Jensen Ackles) arrives back to his home town of Harmony a decade later to find mysterious muderers are starting back up.Tom bumps into his old flame Sarah(Jaime King) who is now married to paranoid and jealous Sheriff Axel(Kerr Smith)My Bloody Valentine 3-D who immediately  suspects the returning Tom.But Sarah believes her old flame is innocent.

Now,murder after gory murder(which i love) a new masked miner leaves his marks(Valentines) and signatures(bloody messages) all through the movie.We get to see little people scenes,a full frontal nude scene (which is a great throw back to the late 70's-80's slasher films) and a few characters from some of the old school horror movies as well.So has Harry Warden returned from his shallow grave or do we have a copy-cat on our hands?I'm not telling you everything,you have to watch it and find out! 

The best horror remake in years!So good,could it have a sequel?I'm not telling you! The 3-D in this awesome remake is done very well but i'm a fan of the 2-D so it's just up to you which version you want to watch.The DVD comes with 4 3-D glasses!This is a fun,gory and creative must see!I own the original and the remake!

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Hey Brian - I think I told you I didn't see this film in 3-D.  I rented on netflix and saw at home.  There is one scene that is my favorite though that I think I would LOVE to see in 3-D.  LOL. . Surprised

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Brian I have to agree one of the better remakes in years!!

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i thought it was a good movie and it was a good remake but i liked the original better

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I saw this movie the other day on the syfy channel, i didn't see the original one, but the remake was good.

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I love it a lot, and how can you not like Jensen Ackles?

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