Hi im new, where is the chatroom!

Hi im new, where is the chatroom!

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same as subject...........

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Hey! I'm Kaboom. Welcome to Fearnet! Lotsa good people here! There are a few groups going, I belong to 'Deranged Lunatics'. You can click on the link on my home page. Or type 'Deranged Lunatics' in the search window. Hope to see you there!   Later,    Kaboom

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Welcome to Fearnet your going to find a lot of great people to discuss horror movies and chat with.

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Wlecome to Fearnet and I hope your enjoying yourself here at fearnet! There's so much to do here and so many wonderful people to chat with. I belong to a few group on here and love It! Feel free to add me to your people and we can definitely talk about some of the craziness on fearnet. Hope to hear from you soon! BooRad

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It is really a message board because it takes a couple seconds for the messages to come up.  You might have to leave and come back to view other peep's new messages.  Well worth it. 


they call me baby...babygurl

though I look like something that walked out of night of the demons.




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Yeah welcome I came here acouple of days ago and its great. Its all horror talk hope you enjoy it here.

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