Any Clive Barker Fans Out There?

Any Clive Barker Fans Out There?

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Recently I have been reading a lot of clive Barker books. I just finished reading Cabal (the inspiration for the movie nightbreed) and it was pretty kick ass. I've read the books of blood and both Abarat books (I know they are not really horror, but there good just the same). I've also read The Hellbound Heart (the inspiration for Hellraiser). Currently I'm reading Mister B. Gone and I like it so far. What are your favorites?

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Hey! Have You Seen 'Night Breed'? Very good movie! "Midnight Meat Train" was good also! And yes, I've read a lot of his books, and thoroughly enjoyed them all!  Later,        Kaboom

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I  havent read any of his books but i like alot of his movies !  CANDYMAN  , RAWHEAD REX , NIGHTBREED , HELLRAISERS , MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN , LORD OF ILLUSIONS ,THE PLAGUE, And he created THE TORTURED SOULS action figures with TODD MCFARLANE.  TALK LATER

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Yes I have seen nightbreed and I liked it very much. Can't remember if I rented it or saw it on TV, but anyway, thanks for your input guys!!

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Definitely would have to be Rawhead Rex and Midnight Meat Train

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Clive Baker Rocks, I really enjoyed CABAL and the movie Nightbreed is one of my favorites. If you haven't read WEAVEWORLD you are missing out on a really cool read. Check out THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW, very intersesting, alternate universes and all pretty cool.

here are a few more titles I would recommend





I read somewhere that clive is releasing something new with pinhead, I can't wait.

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I've read Books of Blood, The Hellbound Heart, Abarat (I need to get to the second one), and Mister B. Gone as well. I also finished his A-Z of Horror, which I enjoyed. He's a good writer, although I've noticed a lot of typing errors in his books so far. I find it weird that they weren't caught in revision.

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Clive Barker is one of my favorite authors. The Books of Blood were great, so were Cabal and Weaveworld.

Love his movies as well. Actually going to watch Midnight Meat Train later today.

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To get to know how twisted he really is, read,The Great And Secret Show and Everville.    Tongue out

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I was lucky enough to see him speak at Rutgers Camden (NJ) more than 10 years ago.  He is interesting, but I find that his short stories seem to follow a similar pattern, namely, the main character is doomed, without a way to remove themselves from whatever they have gotten themselves into.  A majority of the "Books of Blood" short storied fall into this pattern.  I have yet to make it through a novel.  Got about a quarter of the way through "The Great and Secret Show" before putting it down.

Cabal, though, is a great piece of writing. 


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I have read all three of his books of bloood ( three paperback versions) I loved all of them. The stories that stuck out in my head were Midnight Meat Train, In the Cities in the Hills, Hellbound Heart and weave world, I have to say I liked Hellbound Heart and Midinight Meat Train the most. I liked the Meat train much better that the movie but it was really pretty good. I just wished the creatures were more as imagined in the book that the CGI things that were on the movie.

I love his writing style in those books and have never found anyone yet that can mix sex and blood the way that he does, he makes blood almost sexual and craving blood or sex is almost the same thing in some of his work. He has kind of gone off the deep end in his recent stories and away from these types. I am looking for another author that writes like that. Does anyone know of one similar?
Or have the book companies went to the safe zone of sex and gore and watered the book market down now too?


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