Any Clive Barker Fans Out There?

Any Clive Barker Fans Out There?

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Recently I have been reading a lot of clive Barker books. I just finished reading Cabal (the inspiration for the movie nightbreed) and it was pretty kick ass. I've read the books of blood and both Abarat books (I know they are not really horror, but there good just the same). I've also read The Hellbound Heart (the inspiration for Hellraiser). Currently I'm reading Mister B. Gone and I like it so far. What are your favorites?

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Clive Barker is the man. I really want to see him write and direct another movie again. I also just recently beat the game Jericho which playing in a Clive Barker world was awesome.

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never read anything by him i dont think. saw midnight meat train and liked that, i would like to see more by him. any suggestions?

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I would recomend any of the books I have listed in the disgussion intro. Also the movie lord of illusions, that was freak'n awesome. Thanks for the reply and have fun discovering the sick and twisted world of Clive Barker!!!

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Cabal is by and far my favorite. Imajica and the Damnation game are also great books. However I've found like with most of the prolific horror writers, there are translation problems from book to screen. Stephen King has had similar issues but they seem to go the farthest off track with Barkers work.

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My Favorite books of his were Hellbound Heart and Books of blood ( all of them)

Of his movies, Hellraiser is my Favorite with Midnight Meat Train (the story was better) and Nightbreed were my second Favorites.

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I dig his movies & his game "Jericho" for Xbox360!! Smile

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Hey! Have you had the chance to check out "Book Of Blood', the movie yet? Not quite as intense as 'Midnight Meat Train', but still a good flick! I recommend it.         Later!         kaboom

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Mstorms85, funny you say that, I just got done playing Jericho on my PS3. :)


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