Any Clive Barker Fans Out There?

Any Clive Barker Fans Out There?

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Recently I have been reading a lot of clive Barker books. I just finished reading Cabal (the inspiration for the movie nightbreed) and it was pretty kick ass. I've read the books of blood and both Abarat books (I know they are not really horror, but there good just the same). I've also read The Hellbound Heart (the inspiration for Hellraiser). Currently I'm reading Mister B. Gone and I like it so far. What are your favorites?

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I caught it on the  syfy channel the day it premiered. It was pretty good. I definatly agree that it wasn't as good as MMT, but I was entertained.

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i like alot of his work, but "Candy Man" will always be special.

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So ive been a fan of Clive barker as far back as i can remember at first just a movie lover than i found Cabal by far the best book he has written im still looking for the rest of the story on Middeon and the rest of the night breed can anyone help?


Clive Barker is the SHAKESPEARE FROM HELL! POET OF THE MISBEGOTTEN ! The lines Pinhead delivers in his movies are priceless. That being said, the man needs psychiatric help. . . . . but not till he puts out a couple of hundred books. . . . . Oh yeah, and the CENOBITES are without a doubt, the scariest things on the screen. PERIOD. When that white light comes shining through the bricks of the wall, you KNOW in real life we would all have to shit in our pants. . . . err. . . or dresses.

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Clive Barker is one of the best horror writers ever. I enjoy every story I read from him and I own most of them, still trying to find a few. Nightbreed is one of my fav movies, loved Midnight Meat Train as well. I agree with one of the others who commented the Great and Secret Show and Everville is a great series. I love his gay overtones in his books too. His paintings in the Abarat Series were great and I would love to own some. So get out there and read every thing and watch everything you can of Clive Barker!!!!! DO IT!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!

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I highly suggest Cold Heart Canyon. That was just brillant.
I'm reading Weave World right now, and he never dissapoints me.

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Cabal was awesome. I'll check out  Cold Heart Canyon.



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I also really love Thief of Always. It's the only child's book I've read of his. I would suggest that to anyone really. It's just really good story telling.


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