Sticky Situations: What's the scariest thing you've ever seen / heard or done?

Sticky Situations: What's the scariest thing you've ever seen / heard or done?

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No need to name names and self incriminate, but would be interested to hear about some misadventures or fear defining moments. I'm sure we've all had some, whether it was a scary sleep-over adventure as a kid or just some weird shit.  Share your thoughts.

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The Ghost Of Niles is about this young attractive lady who was walking on this dark and winedy road. Cause she was straided and there was no lively hood for miles. So she had to walk for days to get some help! And On her walk to get help mind you this road was very isolated and was a short cut to get to town so there was a lot of big rigs and business trucks that would go through this road. And On Her Way to get help She was Hit By A Truck and Killed. And at night on this road  this lady would come out only on certain nights!

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I think the scariest thing to me I think and would be interesting would be to be surrounded by a bunch of sharks!

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Back in the day...Long,long time ago...Maybe 19 years old...Making a so called drug deal at a gas station...Now, no Miami Vice kind of quantity, but none-the-less, a fairly substantual amount...We're talking 5 figure deal here...Anyway, somebody decides they don't want to pay, somebody else starts getting upset, somebody else starts all this hollering, and yours truly is seeing everything go south real fast...Out of the blue shots start firing everywhere...We're at a gas station now...People are running here and there, screaming, ducking, dodging bullets....KAOS on a grand scale...sirens in the distance getting louder by second...It seemed like it lasted for 3 days...When all was said and done, there were bullet holes all in the gas station store front, all in everybody's cars, even 1 of the gas pumps had a bullet hole in it...Nobody sold anything, nobody bought anything, nobody got shot, needless to say the two seperate parties of people involved no longer dealt with each other, and the one thing I remember to this very day, I can still see this old man, pumping his gas, right through all that hell going on all around him, like it just didn't phase him in the least...Maybe he just had really bad hearing...That's one of the stickiest situations I've ever been in....peace-zigzag

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I got caught in the middle of a gunfight in a bar a few years ago. I was hanging out with the DJ at his boot and all of a sudden, 2 guys get blitzed by the doormen - next thing you know, they pull out guns and start shooting. They were less than 10 feet behind me. It was around 1 am so I was pretty drunk by then. I had my back to them so when it started. I didn't clue in right away as to what was going on but when I saw my buddy (the DJ) staring behind me with his eyes as wide as that weirdo-faggit-ish black dude in The 5th Element (he kinda looks like him too exept with indian blood instead of African) I clued in and my first reaction was to shield my beer with my body... Einekens are expensive up here!

I ended up dodging behind the boot with Mr DJ and we drank all the alcohol that was deserted there by the good people that got scared and ran off while the doormen tried to take control of the situation. When the cops came, we were still sitting on the floor in the boot, obliterated and still drinking and I don't remember giving a statement but apparently I did.

Good times.

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Hey! The WORST I've been in is 18 months in prison. Yeah, me and the state of Iowa had a slight disagreement over homemade explosives. Don't get me wrong, prison sucked! There is a "hierarchy" to prisons. Cop killers on top, child molesters on bottom. Everyone had their place. Fortunately, "bomb makers" rate slightly below cop killers. No killers in my unit, so, I didn't have it too bad. I didn't "run the place", but, I had my own table by the T.V. and phones, that no one could sit at unless I said they could. All the weed I wanted (it is easier to get on the inside!). Still a very scary place! Every day, for 18 months having to be totally aware, and on your toes. I watched a guy get hit in the face with a 20 pound dumbbell for not paying a gambling debt. He owed 2 Butterfingers! You just couldn't help but wonder, "is today MY day?". But, it didn't kill me, so, I guess it made me stronger!       Later,         Kaboom

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ok i was 20 camping with my friends deep in the woods its like 4 am, and all 3 of us go in my tent to hot box ya know all of us smoking joints at the same time with the windows shut yeeaahh, anyway we're smoking and i keep hearing noises i say what's that but my friends don't hear anything, a few minutes go by and i'm still hearing noises so i say hold up i'm checking this out, i get out to look i don't see anything around the tent then i shine the light and 30 feet away right by my car is a huge frigging grizzly bear, he looks right at me sniffs a few times then turns and walks away into the distance i watched him walk out of sight nothing happened but dude i was frozen because that's the only thing that scares me animals that can eat me. who knows maybe smelling the smoke drove him away if so its 3 lives saved by marijuana.... i guess he wasn't smokey lol.

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i was 15 walking home from school and there's this guy and he's stumbling wasted walking around like he's lost, he walks into the street and gets hit by a bus he fly's up and hit's the ground really hard, he gets up like nothing happened but when he walks past me there's blood just pouring out the back of his head, the bus driver comes running over yelling hey wait you need help stay here the ambulance is coming, he's standing there bloods pouring out his head but he's saying i'm ok i'm ok over and over he lays down in a puddle of his own blood still saying i'm ok over and over, when the ambulance came he was already dead the emt said to the bus driver his brain is exposed and must have died on impact, the driver said no he was talking like 10 seconds before you got here he walked in front of my bus he's drunk he walked over here and laid down, the whole time i'm standing right next to him like holy shit...i have many many stories on this topic though i've seen alot in my life.

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When I was 18 I lived in this little bitty hick town called somewhere over the rainbow.  I was driving around being bored and this big truck started following me.  It freaked me out, but I couldn't lose him for anything.  So, there was this place called the somewhere bottoms which was right outside of Oz.  It was like a deep marshy swamp area with a very steep hill and a small road that led into the woods.  It has just enough room for a small car to go down and turn around and come back.  I knew the mans truck was way too big and would fall off of the side.  So I drove down past main street and into the dirt roads that led deep into the woods.  He was still following me.  I started making my way down the bottoms and onto the road.  I looked into my rearview hopeing he would follow and he did.  I made it halfway down the road when his truck started having problems.  He got out but couldn't get around his truck.  I went all the way down the road and turned around and pushed his truck the rest of way off the road and watched it slide down into the bottoms.  He got knocked off but was holding onto a bunch of roots that grew out of the side of the hill.  His truck disapeared into the sludge below.  He kept trying to climb up cussing at me the whole time because of his truck.  I coudn't let him leave because I would get in so much trouble for pushing his truck into the swamp.  So, I grabbed a limb and hit him in the hands and he lost his grip of the roots and fell to the bottom.  I waiting for about 10 minutes in the dark, but after hearing nothing I decided to leave.  I never spoke about that night until now.  I could have saved alot of women from being raped, myself included.  I figure I am hero.

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if you've read my posts elsewhere on this know what 2 expect

when i was about 16 i was just coming home from school on my bike and had to wait for a bus to was an elementary school bus so the kids were know the deal.anyway this little girl gets off the bus (prob about six years old)..and crosses in front of the bus and drops her book-bag.guess the driver was too busy with the rest of the kids screaming.ran over the little girls HEAD!HER MOTHER(I guess comes running out of the house screaming(at this point i think i was in shock and couldnt believe what i had just seen).screams stop the bus but at this point the tire had rolled completely over this little girls head.she pulled her little girl out from under the bus and held her in her arms as this childs brains were literally dripping out of her smashed head.

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I can honestly say that I can relate in many ways to these stories.  Accidental deaths, things that go bump in the night, running from police and being shot at point blank and having the person miss. Truth is much stranger than fiction, most often scarier too.  The worst is not knowing the outcome while involved in such matters.  Sometimes animals and people are freakier than ghosts.  Perhaps this is why the horror movie genre is so interesting.  It brushes upon reality and warns of possibilities.  These modern stories carry such a message as the original Grim Fairytales tried to illustrate (and I'm not talking about the mellow versions of these stories that were printed in English).  Bravo! I didn't think this post would get so many responses, and they were very good responses at that!

    In today's world it's hard to dissiminate which story to share.  I'm know we've all had so many.  Enough to write a book that would've shocked the generations previous, I'm sure.


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