Jason voorhees v.s Micheal myers

Jason voorhees v.s Micheal myers

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Jason and Micheal. Two legendary cereal killers that can't die.


My question is If they ever made a movie with both Jason Voorhees and Micheal Myers who would Die first? And would it have the same ending as Freddy V.S Jason? Personally I think that the movie would never end.lol but thats just me, I want to know what your opinion is on this topic.


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I would have to go with Jason. Michael is a living breathing person and if its against the later Jason you cannot kill what is already dead. If its the earlier Jason he is a living breathing person as well but, any man that can take an axe to the head and survives earned my respect.

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Ultimately the answer is as easy as the question . But the question would be who are you a fan of more ? But in thought I agree with the post above . Ya just can't kill Jason anchored to the lake bottom stuck by lightning yea Im betting hed win .

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Don't get me wrong, I do like Jason but Michael is just so much more powerful. Michael would drown Jason and amputate his corpse. The End!

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I guess JASON would win ,but i still like mike.seeyaCool

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"cereal killers"?      Laughing

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Jason hands down he is brutal!!!

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This could be 2 diffrent movies.

If you have the Living dead Jason voohrees with the reanimated Mike Myers, this movie would be bloodly, raw, and somewhat better then Freddy VS Jason.


But if you have the living jason, or Just Jason Voorhees as a real person, and the living Mike Myers From "Zombies" movie, it would be like Charles Manson VS Ed Gein. and I think the movie would be good. 

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Personally I consider them more rampage killers than serial killers.

JBooogey-lol hell yeah a living version fight would be far more entertaining. Are we talk all grown up though or like disturbed little boy Michael against hideously deformed young Jason? Cause then I'd go Michael to win obviously but all grown up I go Jason hands down.

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Adult mike and jason, all the way.

I havnt seen the remake of friday the 13, so I dont know how "psycho, and strong" The "living Jason is"

Givin the Fact the "Zombie" made Myers some 6 foot 8 monster, I cant really say who would really win.

I rather see "real psychos" hacking up each other then a "tag your it" movie. You know?

I want to believe these two, would with out a doubt, kill each other in one blood soaked, war.

But really, How would you write this script, being both real people, what would the sub-plot be?

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I can't imagine a fight between the two of them being anything but blood soaked lol

You aren't missing anything not seeing Friday the 13th remake....typical crap and actually gave Jason a bit of a psycho soft side in reference to his obsession with his mom which is one thing against Jason. It's clearly a way to manipulate him, whereas Michael Myers is coldblooded and feels nothing for anyone which in it's self is terrifying.

I can't imagine how they'd write it up for the two of them to get together but I wish they would, I think it'd be a far more interesting and closer matched fight than Freddy vs Jason where it was highly entertaining but kinda brains vs brawn more than anything.

Maybe one day ::fingers crossed::


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