Liqour or Gasoline?

Liqour or Gasoline?

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Liqour or Gasoline?
Tell me which is better,
To help baptize me,
Set me free, From eternity of ache,

Please, Please,
Liqour isn't enough, Paralyzing my memories,
To possibly see her, My imagination conjures,
To remind me that she was something,
Someone that I could never seize,

Tell me, Preach to me,
I want to know, what about gasoline,
Soak all the letters for her,
Burn them alive,
Although they were a piece of me,
As long as I don't see "LOVE",

What am I scared of?
Bathe it all in ethanol,
Burn it, Without concern,
This flame spreads,
Annihalting everything,
The words "LOVE" incinerating,

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her photos haunt me like a child in a small dark room...the fear from beneath the bed..or the closet door slowly moving with a dark autumn senses awake,yet eyes seeing yet not again to gaze upon that what was once mine...the scent of her skin,wrapped in lace and perfumed with eyes devouring her..and the sad knowing that she would leave..a flickering second of rapture..lost too soon, again perhaps my darling,in this dark twilight we share..the fear of the morning hastens desire..a reprise..her photos still haunt me..pitch black night turns to brightest day..and her image burns me..terror grips my heart like a lace glove..with the perfume of jasmine

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Sak man, go head on with your bad self......I'm seeing skills here.....Get to work and rat-a-tat-tat us something good to read....Keep the Faith bro....peace-zz

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