? who's your favorite vampire ?

? who's your favorite vampire ?

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out of any movie who's your favorite vampire ???

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Spike, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV, not movie)

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Lestat - Interview with the Vampire

Damon - Vampire Diaries (TV)

Henry Fitzroy - Blood Ties

Marlow - 30 Days of Night

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salems lot!



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Vampire hunter DVampire hunter D

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One of My favorite Vampire is Blake!

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Gary Oldham is my fave vampire!!

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The one Bill Paxton played in near dark,,,,,,........

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bela logosi or  christopher lee !!!!!!!! stick to the classics !!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love Eric from True Blood/ Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I would say though that he comes from a long line of a vampire legacy that travels through the history of the mythology. I am still a fan of a person who isn't a vampire, but in her time was considered one. Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary.

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Dwight Renfeild (Night Flier)


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