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most movies are the same thing people doing dumb thing like running up stairs and hiding in a closet. yet they pass over two dead bodies and dont pick up the weapons they had like the shot gun or axe. my movie would be about one group say a small farm town out in iowa new family moves in buys a farm there neighbors are crazy wierd like the texas chain saw family and they start messing with the new family. but in return the new family that moves in is just as crazy as them and its a all out war no hold bar the hunter now becomes the hunted rape murder ripping out teeth and dismember each outher using whatever they can get there hands on hide when you need to byte when you half to everything goes rape and dismember before you kill the hot chick

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Sounds like a real interesting concept have not heard of that one before,  I can imagine a even worse family moving in next door to something like that of texas, mate we should start filming now!!!!!peace!!!AAAAAAAAAaarrrrrrrrgggggggggh!!!Yell

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So Coooool instead of th Hatfields and the MaCoy' it The Horrorfields and the

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Intresting and original concept , someone green light the man filming to commense immeadiately .

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