asian HORROR question

asian HORROR question

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why dont they have zombie kungfu movies ??? uuuuugghhhaaaahhh that means, i'm the master of zombie style,,,,,, hot asian girls getting naked and zombie fighting and biting sounds awesome to me i'd call it the search for the undead master,,,,,, MUWHOHAHAHA

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Hey, GHOULISH! Obviously you haven't seen, 'Tokyo Zombie'! More comedy, but, it's like, take Kung-Fu Theater, a little 'Shaun Of The Dead', and throw in some 'Napoleon Dynamite', for shits and giggles! WAY off the wall! Check it out, you'll see what I mean. I recommend it.    Later,     Kaboom

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There is also a little film called "Bio-zombies" which has aspects of Kung Fu, Comedy and Video Gaming in it.  Highly likeable and seldom talked about film.

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Bio-Zombie, Tokyo Zombie, Dead Alive cause I kick ass for the Lord, Dead Snow(yea it wasn't kung fu, but the fight scene kicked ass),

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Dead Alive and Dead Snow also aren't asian I know, but the priest was kick ass and if you haven't seen Dead Snow you are missing one of the best fights period



Best part of DEAD SNOW was watching the buffoon throw the molotov cocktail. Almost peed my pants laughin.

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