What is your Favorite Fear Itself????

What is your Favorite Fear Itself????

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Oooh! I just had to say that my favorite was New Year's Day. Briana Evigan did a great job until the end when she had to pull off being a zombie (that was funny!). I liked her in Step Up 2, damn that girl can move!

I can't wait until they come out with another Fear Itself. The ideas are great. Okay, some are a little out there, but all in all they are pretty good with killer ideas.

Tell me what your favorites are....??? I'm waiting.....

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I have to agree, New Years Day was the best. Circle wasn't bad either, it had it's moments. Skin and bones was pretty gruesome. I love Zombies though, so New Years Day was my favorite. I think it would have made a really good full length movie. Wink

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oh yeah new years day is my favorite by far i watched it maybe 15 times already i wish it was a full length movie, i thought the girl was really beautiful and her acting was excellent i never saw that ending coming it was awesome, this is still my favorite episode fearnets ever made can't wait to see more just like it nothing better then a end of the world zombie attack, and she's probably the prettiest zombie i've ever seen i'd date her if she promised not to bite me ha ha ha ha. pEaCe..GHOULISH.

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Before Time Warner cruelly cancelled it's contract with Fearnet, I was fortunate enough to see a Fear Itself Episode Called "Skin and Bones." Not sure why this movie freaked me out a little.  It could've been the legends of the Wendigo, scary sound effects or the way the sick guy looked in the movie.  For an experiment I watched it a second time, while contimplating the exact nature of my fear, aided by a bottle of Bacardi.  When the show got to the part where the sick guy was making beef stew out of his brother, I ended up puking. 

     Great episode, but I still can't open a can of beef stew without thinking about the "Skin and Bones" storyline.  Who knew skinny people could be so gross!

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SKIN AND BONES is probably my favorite. Also New Years Day, that was a cool Zombie fest.

I can't wait for some new episodes to hit the tube. WHATS THE HOLD UP?!!!!

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Skin and Bones is my fav directed by Larry Fessenden (hope I spelled his name right) a close second is New Year's Day.

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Skin and Bones is my favorite too, although I liked them all. But, I'll watch Tales From The Darkside all day when SyFy runs it, so I'm pretty much into all of it, lol.

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I would have to say Skin and Bones was also my favorite. I liked the one with the serial killer too, but I forget the name since it's been so long since I've seen them.

New Year's Day took me 4 attempts to get through it. I liked it once I made it through it, but it  just started out too slow for my taste.

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yeah i have to say it again, new years day is the best story they ever told plus i'm totally in love with that girl, i had to watch it about 20 times already and i'm still not tired of it.

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Which ever one it was that took place in the jail house....That's the one I liked....The New Years Day was good too....That freak in the jail house was a trip....

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Unfortunately, I didn't get to catch many episodes when it was on NBC (I think?), and there are only a few episodes currently available on fearnet (at least that I can find - I like the content on this site, but it's set up horribly and is a bitch to navigate).  But I respect the effort to put a well-done and sometimes pretty scary horror anthology show on broadcast television.  Too bad the mouth-breathing masses, as usual, can't appreciate or understand anything that's a little different so the network gods keep shitting out reality shows which are a gold mine for them, the idiot hordes eat 'em up and they're cheap as holy fuck to make.  Anyway, back to the question, I enjoyed New Year's Day and The Sacrifice; they both put little twists on the well-trod zombie and vampire mythologies.  I actually got suckered by New Year's Day, as I'm watching it, I was more and more dumbfounded as to how the chick was surviving, she was even more of an idiot than most "survivor" characters in post-apocalyptic zombie stories, it was right after her encounter with the zombie cop, as I'm saying to myself again, "unbelievable, she's fucking squeaking by with her bullshit again", that I realized, wait a minute, there's a whole "The Others" / "Sixth Sense" vibe I'm gettin' here.... Then she gets to the dude's apartment and booyah, the reveal.  And at the risk of being a contrarian "troll", to the commenters who raved about how hot that actress is... umm, uh uh.  I'm sure she's a good actress and a groovy person who adopts third-world kids or whatever, but not hot in the slightest.


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