When are they making other parts to the series?

When are they making other parts to the series?

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I liked stream. I think that it is a really cool idea. I just want to know when they are making more pieces of the story come together. I know that they are working on fear clinic, but why leave us hanging for so long to finish all the other awesome shows that they have already started and succeeded with?

If anyone knows when they are adding on to ANY of the other shows too, I am interested in knowing. Thanks.

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Is this the one with Whoopie Goldberg? If so, that's why I've never watched it....Never really liked her...Probably the nun flicks is why...


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Ya, she is running around in a daze the entire time. I liked it...but I guess if you don't like whoopi then that is really understandable. She has her own personna in every role she has ever done.

Do you know if they are adding to The Dark Path Chronicles or Fear Itself anytime soon?


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hey what's up,,,, to be honest i've never watched stream before but i liked the whoopie and bobcat gouthwait movies years ago good action comedies so i'll check out stream and see what its like, anyway i'm out of touch here because they took fearnet off cable tv so i have no idea what's going on? its sucks because fear itself was my favorite show i really miss watching it its frigging bs they took fearnet off cable tv i wonder if its ever coming back? i hope so. maybe you can have fearnet with satellite tv? i dont know.if i hear anything i'll let you know,,,, PEACE GHOULISH


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Hi Ghoulish! I'm facing the same problem you are.  Everything here is bundled so I can't make the switch, but as far as I know you can get Fearnet via AT&T U-verse and Verizon Fios.  As far as I know you can't get Fearnet via Direct TV or other Satellite providers but I may be wrong. 

I totally miss seeing Fear Itself and other shows.  Hope someday that Fear Itself will be available on DVD. I guess the only thing  we can do is wish in one hand, and shit in the other, then see which one fills up first!TWC SucksTWC Sucks Time Warner..........the power to be screwed.

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