To catch a predator

To catch a predator

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Note to self:  Catching people is much harder then burying them. Then of course the question arises as to exactly where to bury them?

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But be warned : Once you do start finding  the good spots, thats when the real trouble starts......Wink

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Good point.  Something to consider, as I am running out of inconspicuous spots in the back-yard and crawl-space. 


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All my available spaces have potential occupants. But you know what they say, Share and share alike. If I free something up.....I'll let you know. I dont mind renting.

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Great! Will let you know if I need............ "a hand."

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Here's the deal I have 5 acres of the easiest digging out do the digging and I drink the coffee and watch..I have a thing about lurkin and watchin.....Peace....Joe

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I've always been a fan of new construction sites myself....They do all the digging, then they're nice enough to pour tons and tons of concrete all over your problem....How sweet is that...?

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First thing, I would never bury a person. If the body is found they can trace it back to you, from skeleton bones or barely decomposed corpses.

Taking a high risk of hiding the remains of a person I would gladly kill them elsewhere from my property, or places I flawk to frequently.

Second of, get one of those large smokers. You know the ones with that look like a big pot with a tube sprouting from the top? Careful and neatly dismember the body and burn each piece. When all is finished gather all the ashes - literally. Wipe the shit clean.

Then gradually sprinkle the ashes in different asortments of places. Places you go to on vacations, take a cup of the ashes with you and go to sprinkle. Make sure you're alone.

But burrying? God, no idea.


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Never thought about soil (cross contamination) from the arsenic.  Construction sites are good until someone decides to make a bigger basement in a building, but hey, it worked for Jimmy Hoffa. Smokers work somewhat until you need more heat and blow up your cabode, by adding gasoline (don't try this at home.  Plus, the heating and cooling people keep wondering why I want a furnace that reaches about 4,000 degrees.  At that point, "getting cold feet" becomes an understatement.

    Wood-chippers are interesting to consider.  Just got to buy them far in advance, use in a remote area, and clean with a secret element that I like to call "peroxide."

   The weapons and means of disposition are also hard to get rid of.  My recommendation would be to use a chemical base that dissappears as the body breaks down, or have a garage sale for those long over used garden tools that just have "bad blood."

    Then of course, is the whole stalking and eluding of police and relatives.  In such cases, the wheels of justice spin much slower then the wood-chipper / log-splitter.  Takes over 72 hours for a person to be declared missing, and even longer to get a warrant.

   Accidental deaths might be the way to go.  Find someone with a substance abuse problem that is also much loathed by society, and then use imagination?

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ALLIGATORS! There will be nothing left for anyone to find ulnless your into sifting alligator poo.

If your not near any swamps, Pigs eat meat and everything els. I heard thats how the mafia does it.

IF you're gonna bury the body, don't forget the lye, pour it in with the body and let it work its majic. Nothing left but a puddlle of mushy goo.

At least thats what I've heardInnocent


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I think a wood chipper might do the trick!!


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