To catch a predator

To catch a predator

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Note to self:  Catching people is much harder then burying them. Then of course the question arises as to exactly where to bury them?

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You see little darlin's.. First thing is first.  The best way to get rid of evidence is to let nature do the work.  The swamps deep south of Louisiana would be the perfect place.  Throw a body in and let the gators do the rest...

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Alligators make great pets, but for us Yanks we only have horribly mutated fish within the lakes.  Get a lot of floaters half eaten.  We do have quicksand though, but it's never kept the construction companies from filling the holes and capping the H2O flows.

Anyways if a yank such as myself had some pet gators, I would generally assume that the bones and weapons used would be hard for the poor creatures to digest.Frown

However, if you know your victim you could arrange some sort of Alibi for your where-abouts, shut off the cellphone (because of pings) and make the long trip to the swamps if need be or if they're only a few states away.

Great ideas Guys and Gals!

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We've been discussing this for awhile and I don't really want to place bets, but have any of you watched the news lately?

There's this whole story about Drew Peterson (a former cop), that has had two of his wives missing and at least one turn up dead under very questionable circumstances.  I know he doesn't own alligators.  He lives up north.  Since the story started he was accused of putting his last wife's body in a blue container.  Oddly enough, three bodies around the police assumed dump site, have shown up with blue containers but none match his former wife and latest victim, Staci Peterson.  They think he dumped his wife in the river that the other bodies were found in, but still have not found her? Other things point to other locations and motives too. (We'll go into that later though). He is currently under arrest for one of the wives Kathlyn Savio's suspicious death.

Where do you think she is (Staci Peterson), how did she get there, where do you think they will find the body, if they ever do find it?

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I would doubt that by this time he is still using the same M.O.  Then he might, if he thinks it is what works.  Sherlock Holmes once said that whenever you have eliminated the impossible that whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Fact, they can't find the body at the dump site.

So, in accordance to this theory.  He has her close by and not in a barrel.

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He may have used the barrel, or this is just a clever ploy to lead one off track (he is a former detective).  If I was a Detective on this case, I'd get a warrant to search the property (like in the garden) because he recieved the house from a forged deed from his 3rd wife that they found dead, under false pretenses.  Because the house (technically) would then be in the next of kins name, I'm sure K.Savio's parents would have no problem giving police permission to even search without a warrant. Digging up the yard and all.

He's currently in custody awaiting the murder trial of 3rd wife K. Savio.  I just think that the whole pretense of fraud thing is either still in the works, pending, or not being addressed at all. Possibly a gag order is in play until or after trial.

What I know of the blue barrel is this: he had his drug addicted former brother-in-law help him move it to his truck.  Apparently it was warm to the touch and weighed over 120+lbs. If the barrel was the means to transport and disposal, then the brother-in-law (being a drug addict and all) has been seen as not a credible witness (by police) but did pass a polygraph.

The night she went missing, Drew Peterson recieved a phone call  that puts him close to the dumping ground by the river that they've been searching (by cell pings).  He was recalled as being out of breath at the time of the call.

As a former Detective, I'm sure he knows some less then credible characters and has seen remote places that would serve as a dumping ground or what he may know of as a criminal dumping ground, that could also serve for his own purpose.

If one of his first murdered wives went unfound, then he probably has a good idea where to put them (I think the 1st wife and Staci). If I'm correct on my facts.

Being the ass that he is however, I think he highly doubted that the property deed would be investigated.  Even if it wasn't a forgery of K. Savio's signature (which it was), he notorized the deed himself and by conflict of interest, that is illegal and would make the property transfer void.

Personally, I think she's buried in the houses garden.  Or he later filled the barrel with cement, had a hole already dug and buried the whole thing elsewhere.  Cadaver dogs aren't always great about picking up scents as we would believe.  Hopefully they will find (Staci) soon however.

--Thanks for the reply Babygurl--


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 In Oklahoma there are a lot of abandond cemetaries, especialy indian. I know of three within 5 miles of my house. Who will think to dig up a 100 year old grave in the middle of the woods. Its hard to even find the headstones, their ether knocked over and broken, or weathered down to a nub. I dont think anyone would look there, and even if they did the Indian Nations would never allow anyone to start digging anything up. Find a place thats sacred to people and they will fight the authoraties to keep your bodies hidden.

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Never thought about the Indian burial ground thing.  I think Drew Peterson was from Chicago though? All the burial grounds there are probably underneath some sky-scrapers.

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Mulcher :)

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see, what u gotta do is Saw um up into itty bitty peices and once u do that then u put em in a blender for about an hour or so, then u go out on ur boat to the middle of the ocean and just dump em.. and send the jewlery to a finery so they can liquify them and u'll prolly make some money off that but u'll have ta spend the money right away cause people will prolly get suspicious of where that money came from... thats just one of my opinions but there ARE flaws to the opinions i give soo just work with me here, alright?

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Eat em!!!  Law of the land eat what you kill....  Nobody has ever caught me yet..


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