To catch a predator

To catch a predator

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Note to self:  Catching people is much harder then burying them. Then of course the question arises as to exactly where to bury them?

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All pretty interesting. Some pretty gross. Although some people are probably not very tasteful to begin with, even when they are baked.Cool


Drew Peterson would've had to gum his former wives to death, in order to accomplish that feat. I think they would've got freaked out after awhile and run off, but I could be wrong.

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Is the meat you trapped a little on the gamy side? This is why grape leaves exist. That and a sausage grinder. It takes all kinds o critters to make Mama Beige's fritters.

Body disposal for city dwellers and farm folk alike: pigs. Lovely creatures. If you have zoo access, hyenas are even better than pigs for body disposal.

Then again, just hunt the homeless. Takes forever for cops to care enough to investigate and if you dump them near the homeless shelters, any cop will tell you that the inner city slums are a nightmare for sorting forensic evidence.


Happy hunting!

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I find that if you dont mind them being discovered, and your good at hiding forenic evidence, and you need a quick stash.  Than an old out of business restaurant will do in a pinch.  All restaurants usually have walk in freezers.  The power may not be on, but the freezer still be air tight.  There you go, my thoughts, or two cents if you will.

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hey spooky.. as for disposal all you need is a deep ocean and sharks just feed the fish.. 'peace'


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