A Fearnet Short Film Festival. Internet style!!!

A Fearnet Short Film Festival. Internet style!!!

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I'm new to Fearnet, but a huge lover of Horror, and a filmmaker to boot. With movie theators taking it on the chin and film festivals growing. Why would Fearnet not start and promote a film festival, but to put a spin on it. Only on the internet.

Greater access for no budget filmakers. More exposer for Fearnet. I view the vid's posted ,but the one thing thats missing in my mind is the compitition.

Compititon promotes quality.And I know there is a ton of talent out there in Fearnet territory !!1 What do ya think?

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Sounds Great to me (soon as I fig. out what im doing)lol

Naw,,it shouldnt take to long,,a freind gave me some great advise on that matter......Thanx Splat


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