Mixing Genres....What keeps your beasts at bay????

Mixing Genres....What keeps your beasts at bay????

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Everyone has a certain balance. A yin to the yang in their lives. What keeps the beasts at bay? What tempers your lust for the macabre and keeps it in check. What keeps your demons from being all consuming? Is your Blood Diamond mixed with a little quartz?? Maybe there IS no balance in your life. Who are you??? What Genres do you mix in your heart???? What excites you? Is it pure terror or are you part timer? Or as some say ...multi-faceted?

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I believe it is healthy to mix many things in your heart to keep your demons at bay properly. I tend to have to mix a little bit of the sweet innocent love with terror and anarchy.

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I like to mix it up with all genres, blood, guts, gore, wierd hillbilly freaks, monsters, ghosts etc. I love it all.

there is never too much, I cannot be "tempered", my blood lust is insatiable !




i may starve to death Frown

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Honestly I plan on mixing horror with cyberpunk for the material I am working on. I like the idea of a chipped up Street Samuari or a Solo going up against a Vampire or Succubus. Thrown some Zombies and whatever of the HP Lovecraft Mythos that has not been copyrighted by Derleth and you have the potential for interesting stories.

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Hey! My faves have always been zombies, but, if there's blood and gore involved, I'm there!lol For me, when I look for a movie to watch, 1st. are zombies, 2nd. psycho killers, 3rd. atomic monsters, ('Them', 'It Came From Beneath The Sea', 'Earth vs. The Spider'), movies like that, 4th. the "monster" movies,('Frankenstien', 'Dracula', 'The Wolfman', 'The Mummy'), movies like that. A lot of stuff that has been done, and overdone! Still waiting for the new blood! That's where people like 'Wolfe', come in. Kick your boss in the ass, we need you, Bro!!!           Later,       kaboom

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As far a movies go, nothing....If it ain't horror, or shoot em up, kill, kill, kill, then I pretty much won't waste my time....When it comes to reality, there's only one person in my life that has always kept ME at bay....Stopped ME from diving off the cliff, and just slap dab going bazerker on people, and winding up with 15 life sentences....That's my wife of 30 years, companion of 35...She has always been my balance.....Saved my life on more occasions then I can remember....and the insignificant lives of countless, meaningless others...peace-zigzag

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I've always loved horror movies but I'm also heavy into fantasy and science fiction. Those worlds are so connected, to me anyway. But I'm also into animation. Back in day..only a few movies mixed it up (think...Heavy Metal the movie)There is some really good stuff out there now.  So if it has blood/guts/psycho killers/dragons or Barbarians.....and good art.....yeah I'm so there!!!

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Thanks for the Support Kaboom. If not for having my leave request denied for August I would be filming the Epilogue for Town of the Dead. So instead I am sitting at work right now working on scripts for the web series so we can hit the ground running next August. Granted we will be low budget hopefully with the material we are putting out we can get noticed by one of the mini-majors like Dimension Extreme or Lionsgate and have a bit more funds thrown our way. @SableI can't respond to your messages from work for some odd reason the Mail and Blog parts of the site don't work here on the military network. However if you or anyone else wants to read the material I work on you can go to www.warpedmindproductions.com/forum and go to Shadow Wars. The Various Info board has the short stories and History and Facts has some documents we created that are mentioned in the stories.Cheers,Wolfe

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Due to circumstances beyond my control,my life is reality..so mixing genres is one of my outlets.If it entertains kids it does'nt me.. I do the kiddie things because of the kids in my life..but then can't wait for some real entertainment.My normal liking is Horror/Thriller/SciFi..in any combination..Thrill Me..Scare Me..Amaze Me..let me have a couple of hours of let it go and the reality I live in passes by for another day...I'm still waiting or a ZombieVampires Movie..lol..to each their own..Peace..Joe

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@JoeWell that is one of our goals is crossing the different types of horror films. Also hoping that if we get the web series going the way we want to include different species of Supernatural creatures from various myths such as African Skinwalkers and Asian Vampires to name a few. :)

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i am absoltly addicted to things that scare the living shit out of me. if it duznt scare me i usualy dont like it. i love the concept of fear and what ppl fear. personly, im nomocomephobic. dont kno wat it means, look it up. but wat keeps my demons at bay, wat keeps the thing in the attic from flooding my imagination with pure, unadulturated terror? that wud b the beatles and cafeine.


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