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One Of the worst Produced Movies ever,,but funny n gorry as hell. Same People who made Toxic Avenger. Troma I think. Has anyone els seen this Movie????

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I am a huge fan of tromaville movies and Lloyd Kaufman!

Redneck Zombies is a great example of a fun really bad movie as all Troma movies are. If you liked Redneck Zombies take a look at:

The Class of Nuke Em HIgh

Tomeo and Juliet

Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town

Rabid Grannies


Wise Guys vs Zombies

Surf Nazis must Die

Dr. Hackenstien

Curse of the Canibal Confederates

Toma has a giant catalog and some are worse than others, but if you are a true Toma fan  you Know the movie is going to be of a certain flavor, and though it can be a little sour, you just can't stop, and you like it. Foot in mouth    BE AFRAID!!   AND LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!!

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cant forget Troma's War. a great spoof of all those action classics. class of nuke'em high had 2 sequels. i met Lloyd once in south bend indiana. change my life forever. Lloyd rules.

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Long live Troma!!!!!!!!!!


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I have not seen Redneck Zombie's yet.  Think I will go over to and watch.  I am a Troma fan and have seen quite a few of their movies but yes they have a ton of movies to choose from.  I suggest checking out Poultrygeist:Night of the Chicken Dead.  It is one of the bloodiest and most disgusting films I have ever seen.

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