"The Reaper" - A work in progress - Chapter 2

"The Reaper" - A work in progress - Chapter 2

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A “Beast” Resides in the Sewers


     New York City; three years later.

     There had been an usually large amount of missing children reports filed in the city that summer.  What really troubled Detective Howard Washington was not so much the spike in numbers – which occurs from time to time – something he had learned over his twelve years working in the missing persons department; specializing in runaway children – but their backgrounds.  A good number of them didn’t fit the profile of the typical runaway.  A lot of  these cases involved younger children, ranging from 5 to 9 years old; who never returned home from being allowed to play out front or go to the park or entrusted with a small, close errand to be run.

     Detective Washington’s first worry was that there was some sort of “ring” out there abducting children for either the intention of being used in child pornography or sold on the “slavery market”.  But as frightening as this scenario was; it was nothing compared to the truth.  The truth discovered by a horrid discovery made only hours before.

     A handful of engineers and utility workers were surveying portions of the city’s sewer system, planning for future construction to be done in the fall; when they stumbled upon a ghastly site in an old, secluded section.

     By the time he reached the “staging area” for the crime scene, emergency services and the NYPD Special Response Unit were already preparing for the removal of what Detective Washington was imminently about to be shown.  A sudden chill overcame the detective as he observed several officers – some of whom he had known personally as being “calloused” veterans on the force – shaken up, pale, crying.  A couple were hovering over trash cans vomiting.

     Once down in the tunnels, the detective was overcome by a powerfully, putrid stench which created an incredibly foul taste in his mouth; constantly making him have to fight the urge to gag.

     “God damn!” The detective, unable to bear it any longer, pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and places it over his mouth. “I figured it would smell down here in the sewer…but does it always smell this bad?”

     “It’s not the sewer you’re smelling,” Homicide Detective Aaron Gorwitz informed him as they approached a group of officers, detectives and city engineers standing by a large section of missing wall.

     Once there, Detective  Washington, after observing the disturbed expressions on the faces of all those present, hesitantly peered into the room behind the wall.  His knees buckle, and he falls forward, smacking into the wall; which holds him up for the next few minutes as he surveys the abhorrent scene.

     Young children…possibly dozens of them…mutilated.  Their bodies dismembered; treated in the most unholy-like of fashion.  Fingers and toes cut off.  Arms and legs appearing to be ripped out of their sockets by hand. Heads severed from the torsos. Intestines and organs strewn about haphazardly.  Teeth smashed out of their mouths. Eyes plucked out from their sockets.  Their blood – gallons of it – smeared everywhere.  And of course, hundreds of rats and thousands of flies and maggots feasting on the decomposing flesh.

     Not able to bear the sight any longer, Detective Howard stumbles back and collapses, sitting up on the sewer floor.  He can feel the wetness on his palms, and instinctively raises them up in front of his face and looks at them. 

     They were covered in blood…the blood of the fifty-seven children that they removed that day from that abandoned section of sewer.  The day they realized there was a “beast” residing down there…a “beast” preying on the children.



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Wow Johbai - great beginning so far. . you are totally freaking me out!!!!!Surprised

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