"The Innocents" Dull Horror from a Dull Past? I Think Not!

"The Innocents" Dull Horror from a Dull Past? I Think Not!

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With all of the latest blood and guts, gorey horror movies we have out there, it's difficult not to associate "horror" with hack and slash serial killers sent to slaughter you from the depths of hell. It's difficult to remember, that the basis for these lovely movies (and believe me I do love them) came from the classics from the far-forgotten past, the archaic times that we seem to have forsaken for the flashy movies with even flashier effects. Blood and gore do terrify...the faint of heart and mind...but for those who are not easily frightened by the things that go bump in the night, where do we turn to? To the classics that were lightyears ahead of their time, perhaps?

"The Innocents" is a proper example of "true" horror, the kind that sends that familar prickling sensation down your spine and leaves you with the thoughts "Can something like this occur in reality?" From the early sixties (God forbid...) this movie pushed the limits of that distant era, both in controversial themes and in the ability to create a decent horror movie using on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense and creepy atmospheric characters that seem to have lost their senses years before. Of course, the above-average plot complete with a sadistic past is none too shabby either.

This movie begins when,  a young British governess agrees to support and care for two newly-abandoned children in a seemingly-perfect country estate. Things go well until the naive and innocent governess notices that the "children" are developing bizarre and strange habits, which range from snapping a pigeon's necks in half to appearing more intelligent then they should be at such a young age. It then becomes certain that the two "children" are vessels to the sinister and restless spirits that still roam the country estate's halls.  Although the young governess desperately attempts to uncover the hideous past, full of brutal suicides and a sadistic lover, and vanquish the ones that endlessly lurk in the shadows and in the dark imagination of her mind, she is continously kept in the dark on the wicked history of what actually happened and how this madness can forever be stopped. Desire to know the outcome? Want the ending? (I know that you do) Then get up off your computer chair and watch this cult-classic from the forgotten time period today!

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Love this movie, Deborah Kerr was perfect. I broke down and read the original story, "The Turn of the Screw", hoping for some insight on what was live and what was mental in the movie ...no easy answers found there! Great film, the D. Kerr version is the best, in my opinion and I'm pretty sure I've seen them all, including the lurid version starring Marlon Brando, who, physically made an excellent foe for our poor governess, but that version was a bit too lurid.

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