Celebrity Contacts?

Celebrity Contacts?

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Why not form a message board forum regarding list addresses or e-mails to connect with or send fan-mail to horror celebrities?  When looking for specific places on the net to find fan-mail addresses, this can be a long and tedious task.  I think it would be much better to start our own forum, where everyone can contribute what knowledge they have collected, so that we can send fan mail and possibly get some celebrities to check out or visit our site, if not respond to some interesting questions and get some more interview material for Fearnet's News section.

Just a thought.

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Here's one.  I did an interview of him for a paper I did in high school...



Charles Manson, B-33920
4A 3R 14L
P. O. Box 3476
Corcoran, CA 93212

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Thanks Babygurl.  Here's a couple more but not sure if the addresses are still active:

Jeffrey Combs

Bleu Entertainment, Inc.

5225 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 401

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Mrs. Lorraine Warren

P.O. Box 41

Monroe, CT 06468



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they dont really give out their real phone numbers.. well they do but its another phone line number in their house or different cell phone number that belongs to them... cause i mean would YOU give out ur real phone number to ur fans, HELL no, right... cause then u would have soooo many stalkers, RIGHT? nobody wants that.. BUUUT they also want to get as many fans as they can get soo thats y they give out their number.... soooo basicaly its just like a fan site but better cause they can call them and leave them messages wellll u can leave em messages on the fan sites too but except u can ACTUALLY hear them... u know what i mean?......


from FunnyAngryKid, A.K.A   Chris-Killllaaaa

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just search up and download "Google Earth" in the google search page

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Manson is serving a life sentence on the grounds of guilty by assosiation.  He never killed anybody.  At the prison he has never been in trouble for doing anything wrong.  I never wrote him, wanted to, but I am just lazy like that.  I am not a fan of his, but I think to each their own.  If people were stupid enough to kill somebody cause he said so then that is their fault.  Who the hell does that?  In the high school interview he said he writes back every now and then.  Most of his fan letters are from sick and twisted individuals.  Alot is hate mail too.  This was years ago though.  I am sure people's minds and behaviors differ over that kind of time span.    People can go through multiple personalities over the years until they finally find one that suits them best.

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Like your opinion BabyGurl, but do me a favor. Read Helter Skelter sometime.  Manson did kill people but there just wasn't any solid proof.  The police were morons to begin with, but "the family" is associated with some 40+ deaths and several missing people. Yes people were stupid to listen to Manson.  I see the interviews with the girls who are supposedly reformed (whatever that means), but if they really cared, they would be telling about the other bodies that they (and Charlie) did kill and buried out at Barker and Spawn ranch among other places.  They just don't want to admit to complicity during or after the fact, as there is no statute of limitations on murder.  I can count about 4 family members who "supposedly" committed suicide in the presence of many of the family members.  Most of the deaths are undetermined (most likely murdered), once again because of police missconduct and shitty interview techniques between rivaling police departments.

    Heck, even in the Tate, La Bianca murders, a news crew found the damning evidence that put that crime in the lime-light even before the P.D. could get off their asses, before trial.  One of Charlies own defense attorneys even was murdered. 

   What freaks me out about the whole sha-bang now is that several of the "former" Manson family members are free. It wasn't just those few girls, there was a whole cult of them.  Many of them have changed their names and probably started pedophile cults of their own by now.  I just don't know.

   Several years ago I think I had the unpleasant experiance of meeting one of those former members.  The thought process was the same as what was talked about in the book.  Pedophile, murderer, liar, self-professed Christ etc.  Nobody even recognized it until his untimely death in 2003. Only then did I put 2 and 2 together.  It really is a small world.

   On a lesser note however, in regards to the original post, do you have any other celebrity addresses for fan mail?  I've come across one but not sure if it's correct and is definately not related to the horror genre, but here it is none-the-less:

Dalai Lama

Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama

Thekchen Choeling

P.O. Box Mcleod Ganj.-176219

Dharam Sala

Distt. Kangra (H.P.)



Not sure what the postage would be for this one as it's international mail. But that's the address as I found it listed.  Any more good ones? Anybody???"


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Dennis Rader #0083707

El Dorado Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 311

El Dorado, KS 67042-0311

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murderers rapists child molesters they should give all those convicts some bread & water and a nice dose of the abolah virus, it's a waste of money keeping them alive, why would you speak to these freaks anyway let em rot

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Rapist and child molesters I would agree with...Murderers, however is another story....We, in society, must come to terms with the fact that some people just need to be killed....Someone breaks the door in at your home, and has every intention of doing you and your loved ones bodily harm....Do you stand there, meekly, and turn the other cheek? NO.... You do your absolute damndest to rip his fucking face off his head...By the time the police arrive, 25 minutes later, he'll be a heap of bloody mess on my floor.....Say there's a 40 year old man living in your neighborhood actively persuing the underage girls living around him....You find out that he's also a convicted rapist of underage girls.....Do you stand by and wait for him to attack again, possibly even a family member of yours? I think not.....He must be dealt with accordingly....

The times they are a changing my friends...This is a fucked up world in which we live...A guy in Memphis,(long time ago), gets in a fight in a bar and ends up killing this guy...The dead guy started the fight...He gets a 30 year sentence in prison...Around the same time, this other guy drugs, kidnaps, and sodomizes 2 underage boys at a local park...He gets a 7 year sentence, and was out in less then 3 years....In your mind, is this not wrong? Who is the real threat to society here? The guy defending himself? Or the guy that has traumitized those 2 young boys for the rest of their lives, and is now free to possibly attack someone elses child???

Now the BTK's of the world, yes, they should feel the entire weight of the judicial system brought down on their heads...People that kill just for the sake of killing should be dealt with in extreme fashion...But not all murderers are killers...And statistically speaking, a murderer is less likely to become a repeat offender then any other criminal....It's a certain breed of individual that can take another persons life...They all bear watching...Regaurdless of the situation...peace-zigzag

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File lost.


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