What is the perfect kill?

What is the perfect kill?

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Tell me..What do you think is the perfect murder.

It could be from a movie or even something you thought up.

Share your deep and dark thoughts..

I'll maybe even try them if they are good enough..

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. . . is the one you get away with. Ask OJ.

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Now that would be telling!!!???1peace!!!AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhhYell

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Here is a tip, Wear gloves and make shure you dont get cought red handed/red bodied. LOLWink

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Of course the perfect kill is the one you get away with and leave everyone wondering who, why, and how the hell they got the person perfectly inside-out ^^

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its when you strip naked, tear your victims intestines out, climb up a tree and bark like a dog swinging their guts about. when they ask you why you did it, piss yourself and tell them your crazy.

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i'm going with the old gangster ways torture them and feed to pigs the pigs eat bones no evidence thats the perfect kill never get caught with no body.

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An injection

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I like the icicle...good one!

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Ummm, one you get away with!!


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