What is the perfect kill?

What is the perfect kill?

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Tell me..What do you think is the perfect murder.

It could be from a movie or even something you thought up.

Share your deep and dark thoughts..

I'll maybe even try them if they are good enough..

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You could just stab someone in the ear with a large, sharp icicle. Let the evidence disappear when the weapon melts. Just make sure you have yourself covered, as to not leave evidence like dead skin cells, hairs, nails. Best to keep yourself masked in vaseline, and covered head to toe.

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use an icicle

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i would say by inviting  someone over to your house and than introduce them to a new drink or having them eat something that they like already that has a poison in it or something very lethal, that way you are kinda indirectly killing them without laying hands on them


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