King of movies

King of movies

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Just wondering if you lovely lovers of literature could help identify ALL of the Stephen King novels, novellas, and short stories that have been converted to movies.  I'll start with all the one's I can think of and I would deeply appreciate y'all filling in the blanks.  Even if it only became a Made-for-TV movie, it still counts, lol.

The Shining




The Mist

The Langoliers

Secret Window, Secret Garden

Children of the Corn

Rose Red

The Green Mile

Salem's Lot

(The one with the killer trucks, he actually directed this one himself, can't remember the name though)


Pet Cemetary

That's all I can think of right now, let me know what I missed.

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The one with "the killer truck" is Maximum Overdrive.

There's also The Stand, The Dark Half, Misery and I think Dolores Clairborn made it too didn't it?

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1408 was pretty good.  Lawnmower Man, the Creepshow movies, Needful Things, Sometimes They Come Back, Stand By Me, Sleepwalkers.  Maximum Overdrive was actually made twice.  Trucks! was a TV movie, I believe.  Hearts in Atlantis, Firestarter, Cat's Eye, The Mangler, I think was his story, the Dead Zone, the Night Flyer, the House on Maple Street?

This is a fun topic!  Really makes you think!  He wrote so many short stories that you forget about.  Sorry if some of these are wrong or if I repeated any.


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Forgot a couple:  Silver Bullet, Riding the Bullet? and some movie with Cadillac in the title?  Black Cadillac?



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And the Tommyknockers

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Nightmares and Dreamscapes


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Hey, metalgurahl! You asked for it, so here it comes. I did leave a couple of the remakes out. 'Carrie' '76. 'Salem's Lot'  '79. 'The Shining' '80. 'Creepshow' '82. 'Cujo' '83. 'The Dead Zone' '83. 'Christine' "83 'Children Of The Corn' '84. 'Firestarter' '84. 'Cat's Eye' '85. 'Silver Bullett' '85. 'Maximum Overdrive' '86. 'Stand By Me' '86. 'Creepshow' '87. 'A Return To Salem's Lot' '87. 'The Running Man' '87. 'Pet Sematary' '89. 'Graveyard Shift' '90. 'It' '90. 'Misery' '90. 'Golden Years' '91. 'Sometimes They Come Back' '91. 'Sleepwalkers' '92. 'The Dark Half' '93. 'Needful Things' '93. 'The Tommyknockers' '93. 'The Shawshank Redemption' '94. 'The Stand' '94 (my fave). 'The Langoliers' '95. 'The Mangler' '95. 'Delores Claiborne' '95. 'Thinner' '96. 'The Night Flyer' '97. 'Quicksilver Highway' '97. 'Apt Pupil' '98. 'The Green Mile' '99. 'The Rage: Carrie 2' '99. 'Storm Of The Century' '99. 'Hearts In Atlantis' '01. 'Rose Red' '02. 'The Dead Zone' '02. 'Dreamcatcher' '03. 'The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer' '03. 'Secret Window' '04. 'Kingdom Hospital' '04 (series). 'Riding The Bullett' '04. 'Desperation' '06. '1408' '07. 'The Mist' '07. I know I missed some. So far, I have 35 of his movies in my library. Always looking for more. C'mon, S.K. Fans! Add To The List!!!      Later,         Kaboom

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