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You just found out that someone you love was just killed by a serial killer. Could be anyone, a wife, child, mom, dad, best friend..anyone. But somehow you found out who that killer was. You would follow him when he went to work, follow him home at night and watch every move he made untill you found your perfect opportunity to strike and get revenge. And when you got that chance, what would you do? What sick, twisted torture would you unleash? Leave no detail behind! This should be good:)


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 I would put him in a metal box with only his head sticking out of the top, fill the box with rats, and build a fire under the box so that when the rats get scared enough they will have to chew their way out. They will probably start with the soft bits like the stomach and work up through the neck and out the mouth.

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After I get him subdued, in a very secluded and remote place, he'd be tied up, spread-eagle to the bedpost...From there, I'd have a nice ball-pin hammer....Slowly, I'd break kneecaps and elbows, talking much shit to this idiot that made the mistake of doing harm to someone I care about, letting him know exactly why this was being done to him....

After he passes out from the pain, I'd super-glue all opennings on his body, with the exception of his nostrils....Don't want this party to end just yet.....When he wakes up, his fingernails would slowly be removed, then toenails....I'd administer a decent shot of some quality Crystal Meth so he doesn't pass out anymore, this would also intensify the pain to some very high levels...I'd then go to work with a cigarette lighter, soon advancing to the good old car battery...A shocking experience to say the least...

Then, in honor of my Native American heritage, I'd simply have to scalp him....Cut all his fingers off with some metal shears, and just before he dies anyway, I'd say something really cool, then chop his head off with a machete.....

I try to keep a pretty close eye on my loved ones....A little luck, and the Good Lord willing, these events will never have to happen.....peace-zigzag

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My cousin Cindy was killed by serial killer and his best friend who had been family friends since we were kids. i used to ride my horses and hang out with these guys when we were kids.  Fast forward twenty years and these freaks lure my cousin into a car, why would she be scared they are old freinds, and then they beat and rape and kill her like an animal.  They won't tell what they did with her body unless the family pays 20,000 for his kids future. we still haven't found her, and he can rot in jail before we give his family anything.

So if i had my way with him i would start with hot pokers on his balls and fry them crispy, then needles under the fingernails, before i slowly tore each one off. Then I think a drill, a few extra well placed holes in his head and body, not too deep got keep him awake for all the fun. Then i would cut off his eyelids so he can see everything coming very clearly. Next is a slow scalping,very very slowly peeling back his head meat, and i want to hear him scream in that beautful melody of terror and pain, music to my ears. Then the toes, snip, snip, snip, ten little indians all in a row. oh I forgot the hot poker goes up his dick too, all the way up and then out his asshole. Now that he is primed and ready for the good stuff, a pail of water and a hot wire, something to jolt his memory, and cook him so he starts smoking and of course the begging is a joke to me and only makes me want to hurt him more, So I start cutting little pieces of flesh, a pound is not enough, I keep cutting not too deep, I want to see him bleed out all over. And as he lay there dying and begging for his lousy life, I jam an ice pick into his heart while staring him right in the eyes and wait for the death rattle. all while smiling and laughing in his face.

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i like the way u think Babuh... well except for the crispy balls thing ouuuuuuuccccchhhh,, and if what u said is a true story, well then i am soooo sorry for ur loss... anyways u should just start off with everything else cause once u friy the balls then he probably wont feel any other pain any where else on his body

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sorry to hear about that babuh, maybe you will get the chance one day if you ever get to see that mother fucker. oh, and zigzag, remind me never to piss you off! lol

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Thanks everyone, and its true.  The Prick is doing double life in Folsom Prison.

but what fun i can have in my imagination, and i doooo

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wow what a chance to imagine a scenario of absolute pain!!?

Well what tools of choice to use, so many to choose from,dee dee dee da di da, bum be bum be dooooo  where to start!!, think first of all would have to get the bastard tied upright in a very sturdy traditional wooden dining chair, with arms on it , this lends a hand to the torture, !!

So I have my bastard tied to my wooden dining chair with arms, do I blindfold this bastard ,no way ,but defo want him to be gagged ,hell yeah!!!! you can't beat a really good bit of the old gaffer tape!!!so on it goes ,making sure I wrap it really tight twice around his head for double strength!!

feet, body and hands, all need to be properly secured to my wooden dining chair with arms, this bastard is then moved into place ,up against a wall, so the bastard can't decide to hop around rock back and forth, make it difficult for the bastard!!!!

So now the fun begins!!! I turn up beethovens 9th, to a aqquired level, I have a table , a nice big dining table which I use to get me tool box out, I put it on the table, I take all my tools out,

I'm thinking of taking nice slices of this bastards flesh off!! theres something about a stanley knife which really is not nice, the blade is so small, yet so sharp, you can cut a good slice of calve with this!!!!

So off comes a nice slice of calve stright off the back of the leg, oh yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,

Eyes are the best, and for the eyes I have nail punch again another small tool, for beating nails through timber, if you don't want them there basically, but smacked with a 24 ounze hammer through the pupil really takes a presision shot, so pop goes both his eye balls,


well, thats enough torture for an hour ,I will be back to fininsh him off quite spectaculary in abit !!!peace!!!!AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!Yell




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i got to go to bed but before i do i just want to say  YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF DERANGED LUNATICS !!!!LOL  TALK LATER

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well lets just hope he has become the bitch in prison and being butt fucked in the ASS cause i know that would be much more torture to ME than frying my balls..... THAT MOTHER FUCKIN ASS LICKIN, DICK SUCKIN, BALL LICKIN, SON OF A BITCH... i wish u the best torture dreams there is to dream about Babuh

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How is this? I would tie him to a chair, cut his eyelids off and make him watch Cannibal Holocaust over and over untill his brain explodes! Yea, that oughta do it. lol


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