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CREEPSHOW 3 it was so bad and it didnt have the creepy narrarator , just horrible .  talk later

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what the hells wrong with fearnet tonight if i stop typing the screen goes blank and i have to start over i guess the sites in the shitter today ???????

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I like Creepshow 3 in the way that I like horrible cheesy movies like Basket Case or It's Alive. I wouldn't mind seeing all three of these remade better.

The last two would be better with just the graphical overhaul that could be done today.

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The silent hill movie i thought it was gonna be good but it was subpar i played the game and it was creepy hollywood should only adapt horror video games when they can pull it off all tho it was great to see pyramid head they coulda made him do more and be a bigger presence threw the movie and the ending sucked give the rights to Clive barker,stephen king or quantine tarantino so they can truely reimagined or ehoever else you all think could have made this movie better

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i think all the old school movies like carrie, prom night, shit like that b/c with technology they would show more blood n guts n all that gory shit slashing is what is in n thats what every 1 wants to csaw.jpg

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To be honest this was an easy question for me. The WORST remake I've seen was Psycho! OMFG Hitchcock would be rollin in his grave if he saw the way they fucked up his classic masterpiece! I hated that they didn't even try to re-invent the movie, they just made the movie shot-for-shot like the original...can you say BORING! Hitchcock had a way of pulling you into the film, you didn't NEED to see the killing or blood...it was all in your head and THAT is the scariest thing about Hitchcock horror was imagining was happened. So if they were going to remake Psycho, I think Jonathan Demme would be a good choice to direct because he did an AWESOME job with Silence of the Lambs. Or Wes Craven would also be an excellent choice for a remake.


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