i've got a serious question 4 you 'you ready'

i've got a serious question 4 you 'you ready'

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someone brought up the subject of old darker versions of fairy tails being inspiration for horror movies, and that made me think of something, ok here's the question,,,, 'if you had 3 wishes what would they be' ??? for me they would be,,,#1 that i could hypnotize other people by snapping my fingers, that one has so many uses i don't know where to begin, #2 that every time i put my hand into my pocket i'd pull out a wade of cash so i'd have a endless supply of tax free money, #3 that i could heal sick people by touching them, but nobody would realize it was me because of the hypnotizing first wish. ok that's #1 to keep me out of trouble #2 for money #3 to help other people, so what do you think what would you wish for ???? i'll reply later on your answers

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I think yall are wasting wishes...If you had 500 million dollars, you don't think Victoria Secrets caliber supermodels would be all over you??? If you got the cash, the hotties will be there... If you can heal, let them come to you...Tell everyone you're not Jesus, you simply have the ability to heal people...I don't know why you'd be so concerned with everybody else anyway...If they want healing, they need to find their own djin...

Knowledge is the key to the universe...You get that and immortality, you got it going on....Invisibility simply for some time alone...Cause people would be driving you insane....

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Wish to be the ruler of the world, wish for absolute invinsibility, wish for eternal youth of life....If you are ruler of the world you have unlimited income and power, invinsibility nobody can kill you though they will try.....youth in life live forever as I am now so i can rule for however long I want.....

Gimme some sugar baby...

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i just realized something i could already have endless cash with hypnotism, just walk into a bank hypnotize everybody and say give a bag full of cash and all the security tapes, i could just do that anytime i choose, so with hypnotism ii'd already have anything i desire think about it. and everybody keeps saying invincibility and emotionally you could save a wish by just wishing to be eternal that's both. i'm still not sure on living forever though i think you'd eventually go insane and become a eternal psycho killing everything in sight, you'd have to sleep for years to clear your mind like a vampire does. but never growing old would work for me though, ok another change damn i'd have to really think this over before i called the jin lol, #1 hypnotism #2 never growing old #3 healing powers, yes i'd still want healing powers for many reasons. ( please keep the replies coming ) 'peace' GHOULISH

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      The three things i would wish for 

  1. Adsorbstion so i can adsorb everyones wishes only if they are cool
  2. Cool bad ass assassins who have royalty to me
  3. And a chainsaw lance like gears of war shoot and dismember my friend

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1) Iwould love to be able to read people minds

2) To have the kind of money Bill Gates has

3)For my familey to always be heathy


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