i've got another question for you

i've got another question for you

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there's lots of horror movies that show different depictions of hell, some are nothing but fire, some are filled with huge demons, some are people suffering for their sins, there are so many versions to choose from, so many different visions of what hell looks like, so here is my question,,,, what is your favorite depiction of hell from a horror movie ??????? for me its from the movie constantine, where hell looks just like earth with a giant nuclear bomb going off constantly, the sky is on fire and everything is destroyed with high winds blowing dust and debris everywhere, while demons that look like their suffering themselves patrol the streets deformed scavengers waiting for a meal, while underground people are being ripped apart in screaming brutal agony over and over for all eternity. i loved this movie i watch it alot on dvd great story great acting i cant say enough about it its one of my favorites. so that's my opinion what's yours lets hear it ?????

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i think that hell is like the version from "wrath of the viktorian angel" (very good novel, not many ppl kno about it, written by a guy named even james.) its says that hell isnt fire, its ice and cold and desolate. u arrive and its all quiet until demons swoop down and start ripping out ur flesh and eternal rotting.

also tartarus and the whole greek mythology thing, birds picking out ur liver and things of that nature.

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The repeating of circumstances beyond your control wherein you're helpless to alter the outcome. Be that in personal pain, or through the pain of others you care deeply for. A marrionette unable to provide your own actions to effect change.

Religion is a waste of time. Mostly made to keep the weak in their place and to deter them from wanting more than what is alotted them. Sadly most render the female as both wicked and helpless, not that I'm referring to myself as pure. Far from it. But to cast blame on the female repeatedly while the males are merely led astray assumes that the female is the leading force. Not so. An equal balance and equal blame or in fact honor is the true case. The darkness is in all of us, as is the ability to love, or transcend. Religion bypasses that fact in an effort to maintain male dominance. Perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of some sadistic need to overwhelm. 

I have no use for it. Hell was created as a threat to hang over the heads of the minions of society. Religion to keep the threat in place. As to movie depictions, they can only be based on what the church teaches, and having no faith or interest in the church or it's "beliefs" I find it all lacking in nearly every way. 

Hell is loss. Hell is grief. Hell is madness. The inability to connect thoughts and actions in a way that brings one peace, whatever that peace may be. Hell, my loves, is where we are now, 80% of the time.

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South parks is hilarious, I like futurama's robot hell too. If you haven't seen it...its a musical....with the beastie boys. Thats my kind of hell!

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I was always a fan of the idea of hell brought to us by the Hellraiser movies, just good stuff.

And this is for the Tim Curry fan, he wasn't the devil in Legend, he was darkness.

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Hell is nihil. It is the cessation of consciousness and the dissolution of the ego and of the self. Everyone and everything dies, and that is all. It is nothingness. Imagine being non extant and that is what awaits everything. Hell is a pleasant alternative and something more easy to comprehend than the inherent existential anxiety over death that everyone harbors and tries to resolve in their own individual way. I'd rather burn for eternity than to simply not be.

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Ok, so if there is no Hell, then there is no justice in the afterlife? There certainly appears to be uneven justice in the land of the living.  What about demons or the maybe one or two possessions in history, that couldn't really be disproved...........what was that all about? How did that come about? If not proving the existance of demons, it should prove the existance of something we don't really grasp? Just wondering what some other thoughts are on this.

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yeah i believe in heaven and hell and i believe in ghosts, and evil ghosts could be considered demons, or maybe friendly ghosts are in their own personal heaven, and evil ghosts are in their own personal hell. it all comes down to belief though. but as for possession i've heard lots of stories about it, and it seems like crazy people starving for attention. with a few rare exceptions like people speaking fluently in languages they don't know because that's impossible and unexplainable. a priest once told me about a old woman in the ukraine who couldn't read or write her own language, and never went to school of any kind, but suddenly started speaking in five different languages and five different voices in the same conversation. as if possessed by four spirits he said she wasn't violent but you gotta admit that's freaky as hell. thanks for your input everybody i have alot to say on this subject so i'll just cut it short for now. 'peace'

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Yes, it does leave much to think about.  I'm with you on the point that some of the people are just mentally ill or wanting attention.  There does seem to be a few great instances in history though that make you wonder.  Some interactive hauntings that make me think too.  I guess well never no until we get to that point ourselves.  Pretty scary.

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R.H.F.S.U  Money mouth 

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The people who I have nothing to do with anymore... they are in Hell.  Ask them and they will tell you.. Yes, I make everyone's life better who makes mine better in some form or fashion..


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