i've got another question for you

i've got another question for you

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there's lots of horror movies that show different depictions of hell, some are nothing but fire, some are filled with huge demons, some are people suffering for their sins, there are so many versions to choose from, so many different visions of what hell looks like, so here is my question,,,, what is your favorite depiction of hell from a horror movie ??????? for me its from the movie constantine, where hell looks just like earth with a giant nuclear bomb going off constantly, the sky is on fire and everything is destroyed with high winds blowing dust and debris everywhere, while demons that look like their suffering themselves patrol the streets deformed scavengers waiting for a meal, while underground people are being ripped apart in screaming brutal agony over and over for all eternity. i loved this movie i watch it alot on dvd great story great acting i cant say enough about it its one of my favorites. so that's my opinion what's yours lets hear it ?????

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I like your informed analysis Babygurl.  Welcome back by the way!  Did you get all of that info from Dante's Inferno?  How is it for a read? Do you believe it goes through all those levels or do you have a different view.  I'm always curious as to what you think and understand.

Yes, "What Dreams May Come" also had a great depiction. Hell, illustrated for sure.


Well. . . Up and Down being relative. . . if you think about it, did primitive man have it right? Maybe their closeness to the world gave them a simple but TRUE dimensional insight. Primitive man believed heaven was up and hell was down. Has anyone noticed that the further down the earth you go, the creepier and nastier the inhabitents get. Deep water fish have BIG or NO eyes, huge teeth misshapened bodies. Insects are nastier, more dangerous. Recently they went to a volcano and descended into it closer than ever and found a species of enormous rat that they didnt know existed.

The further UP you go, till you get to birds, stars, nebulae. Sounds simplistic and you could say the judgement is from an ignorant primitive point of view or did they have INSIGHT into the simplicity of dimension and space through the eyes of man CLOSER to nature and its workings and thereby closer to death.

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I know  there's a hell because thats where I was born. Comsumed in flames inside of my mother fiery whomb, and now i bring hell to all of you!!!

Nah, just I'm just yanking with you guys. But seriously I do beleive in hell, and I think that christianity are using it for tottal controll, and those guys are going to hell. Hell is full of child molesters, rapist, people who harm cats, and those religion people who will not accept or respect any other religioun and are like, do what I say or you will go to hell. And any other type of people who will not respect anyother ideas or opinniouns or life styles.

Also these people will go to hell racists, abusers, Paris Hilton, most christians, and ANYONE WHO HARMS A CAT.

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How about at the end of Fulci's The Beyond where there's all that nothingness and Kathleen MacColl's eyes have glazed over a living hell with ghouls roaming about

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hellraiser/the thought of what could happen in the omen/freds boiler room.


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